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Roxanne Pallett 'hasn't contacted Ryan Thomas' family' after 'fake' apology

Culled from Mirror

Roxanne Pallett is said to have made absolutely no effort to get in touch with Ryan Thomas ' family following her Punchgate apology.

The former Emmerdale star issued a grovelling apology to Ryan and his loved ones on Jeremy Vine this morning after she accused Ryan of deliberately trying to hurt her in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Roxanne quit the Channel 5 reality show after questioning why bosses were allowing Ryan to stay after he playfully punched her.

She had even asked to stay in another bedroom, saying she was too scared to sleep in the same room as former Coronation Street star Ryan.

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But today on Jeremy Vine, she apologised to Ryan and his family, saying she realised after watching the footage back that she'd got it wrong.

Sources close to Ryan say his camp isn't buying it though.

They slammed Roxanne's apology as fake and called it a publicity stunt, claiming that she hasn't contacted a single member of the family despite being friends with Ryan's brothers, Adam and Scott.

The insider told The Sun : "As far as we are aware Roxanne has made absolutely no effort to apologise to any of Ryan's friends and family over the last few days.

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"The acting community in and around Manchester in incredibly tight knit and if she doesn't have Adam and Scott's numbers already, she could have got them in minutes.

"It's all very good to go on TV and tell the nation how sorry you are and how bad you feel for his family, but as far as Ryan's family are concerned it was completely insincere."

The source went on to say the family thinks Roxanne's appearance on Jeremy Vine was nothing but a "PR stunt".

A pal of Ryan's added to Mirror Online: "Roxanne has made no effort whatsoever to contact anyone in Ryan's family.

"It's a very close knit community up here and she could have easily got hold of someone's number if she didn't have it already."

My view: Roxanne is a classic narcissist. She should stop giving interviews and take a break for few weeks, as people can't stand watching her on TV, because of her evil lies. The woman is unbelievably fake, she wanted to ruin Ryan Thomas' career but it backfired. She has undermined women who actually suffer genuine domestic violence. Roxanne makes #Me Too look bad, I feel sorry for the men she has falsely accused.

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