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Mum who took so much laughing gas it left her paralysed says it ruined her life

A young mum left unable to walk after inhaling laughing gas says taking the drug has ‘ruined her life’, Metro reported.

Olivia Golding was rushed to Bristol’s Southmead Hospital four weeks ago when she woke up unable to move after taking the drug.

Doctors told the former car salesman, from Bristol, that her use of nitrous oxide caused Lichtheim’s disease, a degeneration of the spinal cord.

The 24-year-old may never be able to walk properly again, and said inhaling NOS has cost her her job, left her unable to play with her son Parker, three, and made her totally dependent on her sister to care for her.

She said: ‘If anyone out there is considering taking NOS, please, think about your families.

‘I know I’ve got to live with the consequences of not being able to walk, but it’s not just me this has happened to, it’s my family too.

‘It’ll ruin your life and your family’s lives and it’s a very selfish move. ‘I’ve not been out in public since being discharged from hospital because I’m scared.

‘I’m scared about crossing the road and scared of not being able to use my wheelchair properly because I have little feeling and control of my arms.’

Olivia said the gas attacked the nerves in her body, causing a B12 deficiency and a block in her brain.

She added: ‘I get pins and needles all the time, it’s horrible. I’m on four nerve drugs a day to try and stop the sensation. ‘I can’t use my limbs properly at all.

I’m not paralysed – in my head i know I need to move my limbs but my brain is not connecting properly to the nerves.

Olivia Golding in hospital after she was affected (Picture: Caters News)

Olivia Golding in her wheelchair holding a canister of nitrous oxide gas and a balloon that is used to inhale the gas (Picture: Caters News Agency)

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