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Offset shared a video showing his baby girl's name tattooed on his face.

The Migos rapper showed off his new tatoo Saturday, a giant "Kulture" in honor of his daughter with Cardi B and caption, "Sessions," "Going in. Rockstar angel."

Offset got slammed by fans for not doing the same with his other children.

But this isn't a first for the rapper-- he's also got a tattoo on the other cheek with his youngest son's name and a big shoulder tat for his oldest son.

Offset also has his wife Cardi B's name inked on his neck earlier this year.

The couple still haven't shared their daughter Kulture's full image, Cardi did give a glimpse of her last week in a pic with Offset and she also shared a closeup of Kulture's lips on an Instagram story.

See pictures and video below:

Scroll down for video

Responding to fans who questioned why he only got his child with Cardi B tatted, Offset fired back, showing off the inked names of his other children in another clip. "No, I don't just got her name, man," he said. "I got my other boy right here, it's Kodie, I'm finna put an angel on top of him. And Jordan, my oldest son, on the shoulder piece. Stop trying me."

Cardi B isn't ready to share a picture of her and Offset's daughter Kulture's face

Kulture's lips

See reaction below

My view: We're still waiting for the big reveal, when Offset and his wife Cardi B will show the world their greatest gift and blessing from God, their daughter Kulture. I don't get why they're refusing to show her full image, while they flaunt their cars, figures of album sales, Awards and everything else but refused to show the face of their precious baby girl, it's baffling.

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