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Jose Mourinho says he's one of the greatest managers on planet earth

BBC reports that, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, 55, says he will be "one of the greatest managers in the world" even if he does not win the Premier League at the club.

Man-U have lost two of their first three league games, their worst start to a season since 1992-93.

Defending his record, Mourinho quoted a German philosopher and said he was "the only manager to win in Italy, Spain and England".

He also called second place last season "one of my greatest achievements".

"I am the manager of the one of the greatest clubs in the world but I'm also one of the greatest managers in the world," said Mourinho.

Asked if he would still be a great manager if he did not win the title with United - who have won the English top flight 20 times, including 13 Premier Leagues - the Portuguese replied: "Of course.

"Did you never spend time reading the philosopher Hegel? He said: 'The truth is in the whole. It's always in the whole that you find the truth.'

"Do you ask the same question to the manager that finished third in Premier League last season or the manager that finished fourth or fifth?"

When Mourinho was told Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp faced similar questions last season, Mourinho responded: "Because he never won anything in international [competition], for example.

"That's his problem, I tell you what I think, how I feel. And I answer the question."

My view: Jose Mourinho please concentrate on winning matches and stop living in the past, as your past glory will not help you with your present predicament or just resign and leave instead of waiting to be paid off be a man and resign, be bold enough to tell Man-U that you don't need their money, since you're so arrogant. Please Mourinho do us a favour and resign, take your BS to somewhere else, we've had enough. Yes we know that Mourinho is one of the greatest managers in the world and he also stabilized Manchester United but he's now turning quality players to mediocre ones. Mourinho is not a football coach, he's a manager, that's why he's failing. He is a short term fix manager and doesn't think about long term growth of a club, as I don't understand how a manager would prefer to buy a player who is nearing 30 for £80million. Mourinho has also made Alexis Sanchez to be irrelevant with his catastrophic management style and football tactics. On the pitch, the simplest change or alteration in a player’s position can make a world of difference, it’s the game plan that defines the team's manager. I'm not sure if Jose Mourinho has got a good game plan for now, as he's still feeling too classy and proud. He has turned himself into a clown.

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