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Stacey Solomon rejects magazine's apology after it brands her 'Boring, cheap and desperate&#

Stacey Solomon has rejected Now Magazine's apology after they branded her "boring, cheap and desperate".

Stacey tweeted a photo of the cover of the magazine and said it was "the meanest thing I've ever seen."

The mum-of-two explained on Thursday's Loose Women, that her disdain for the publication was deeper than just their criticism of her.

Stacey said that the magazine makes women "feel as though their not good enough" with body shaming and publicising the opinions of trolls.

Speaking about seeing the publication for the first time, Stacey said: "Initially yes it's hurtful, I'm not a robot, I'm a human. But the bigger picture is far more sinister.

"They went on to talk about me and my sense of body confidence and how it's boring and people are getting sick of it.

"These publications are tearing women down and giving them no hope whatsoever in being able to be secure in themselves.

"They don't see the responsibility that lies with them."

Offering her some support co-host Nadia Sawalha said: "We've all felt sad this week on your behalf Stacey.

We all hold you very dear, you're super sassy and put out an amazing sense of body positivity."

She also read out a statement from Now magazine, in which they apologised and denied any bullying claims.

They said: "The story featured in this week's issue of Now magazine regarding Stacey Solomon was written on the basis of social media comments about Stacey and is not the opinion of Now magazine.

"We do not encourage or condone bullying in any form. We apologise to Stacey for any distress our story may have caused."

Since she shared her comment, Stacy's tweet has been liked over 15,000 times and she's received massive support from a number of celebrities.

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My view: The elite media prefer A-list reality celebs with fake bodies and even go out of their way to help filter their pictures, it's sad that a woman that is real and natural cannot talk about her body. The celebs with fake butt, boobs and tiny waist, lie that they got their fake curves through rigorous work-out, we all know that it's not possible, some celebs go to the extreme of surgically removing their rib-bone just to have tiny waist and then lie that detox tea, waist-trainer belt and wor-out helped them with their amazing curves. Stacey is not desperate, she's got two cute kids, a boyfriend and a good job, but she's annoying, she talks too much as she's on a boring and frumpy show. I think ITV should axe all the women on that show and bring in new people.

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