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Celebrity Big Brother's showboat and attention seeking Roxanne Pallett accuses Ryan Thomas of pu

Celebrity Big Brother's Roxanne Pallett is campaigning for fellow soap star Ryan Thomas to be removed from the show after she alleged that he punched her in Thursday's episode.

Roxanne went to the Diary Room to complain in Thursday's highlight show after saying aloud in the house that she'd been "beaten up by Corrie's Jason Grimshaw" while playing around with Ryan and others.

Her version of the incident was quite different from what had occurred, but it seemingly left her shaken as she shared her emotions in the Diary room.

Scroll down and watch what actually happened

"I'm just a little bit in shock. I went from being upset, to angry now," she admitted. "A boy has punched me repeatedly, unprovoked, completely deliberate. He actually punched me. Like a boxer would [strike] a back!

"We weren't play fighting. It wasn't banter. It wasn't a joke. There was no exchange."

Big Brother comforted and assured Roxanne that her objections were being "listened to", but that didn't seem to satisfy her and she became even more upset.

"I can't believe you're letting someone stay who's done that," she admitted. "It's not okay!"

Big Brother then talked Roxanne into returning to the house, while Ryan was called into the Diary Room. He was accused of "unacceptable behaviour" by having "punched Roxanne in the ribs", and while Big Brother acknowledged that his action wasn't done intentional to hurt Roxanne but playful, he was warned that it was no excuse.

"From your point of view, yes [it's unacceptable]," Ryan acknowledged. "I think we both know, and Roxanne knows, that there was no malice or hurt or anger in anything that I did during this time.

"But from your point of view, while doing this show, I'm sorry and I understand."

Ryan was then issued issued with a "formal warning" for physical contact, and Big Brother threatened to remove him from the house if there was any repeat of the behaviour.

Although Ryan thought Roxanne was fine, as he was only play fighting with her and he did not hurt her feelings about the situation, that clearly was not the case. By the end of the night, a crying actress Roxanne was back in the Diary Room complaining that she didn't feel comfortable sleeping in the same room as Ryan.

"I'm now suffering," she told Big Brother through tears. "I'm now having to alter my experience because somebody else was violent… I can't believe you're letting him stay here!"

When Big Brother assured Roxanne that she is "safe" in the house, she sighed: "I'm going to get nominated now for being unsociable."

A compromise was then reached for the evening to have the worried actress sleep in the spare bedroom.

The entire episode on Thursday had largely revolved around Roxanne Pallett, from her stunned reaction when Ben confessed his unending love for her while nearly naked to her beef with Hardeep Singh Kohli and Nick Leeson.

It remains to be seen if Roxanne's accusation will have an impact on Friday's eviction. It's the Public that'll Nominate this week, meaning they choose who's on the chopping block and then the housemates send the person home.

Celebrity Big Brother airs the results of the public vote during a live eviction special on Friday (August 31) at 9pm on Channel 5, followed by Bit on the Side at 10.30pm and Live from the House at 11.30pm.

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Ryan Thomas

My view: Attention seeking and annoying showboat Roxanne Pallettt trying to ruin Ryan Thomas' career, after falsely accusing him of punching her. I hope the British public see through her and vote her out. I watched the footage and it shows Ryan play fighting with her, if he did something wrong she should have told him immediately and I'm sure Ryan would have apologised. But Roxanne didn't mind when Ben was play fighting with her, she's disgusting. How come she didn't complain when Ben grabbed her in the toilet and kissed her, that's worse than what Ryan did, I wonder why the woman that's engaged didn't coplain of sexual harrassment? and why she wasn't shocked by Ben's behaviour?. I'm sure if it was Trump she'll jump and complain.

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