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School-run mums 'try to choke each other' while fighting in the road as terrified kid look

Via Daily Mail

This is the moment two female drivers strangled each other before the Jaguar owner body-slammed her nemesis to the floor in a dramatic road rage show-down.

Shocking footage shows the pair brawling in broad daylight as crying children looked on and begged them to stop.

The incident brought one carriageway of the A5123 in Northampton to a standstill yesterday after drivers were forced to witness the violent brawl.

Witnesses said the heated row broke out between the two after the brunette Audi driver accused the Jaguar owner of 'cutting her up'.

Violent brawl: Two mothers, pictured above, were recorded slapping and choking one another after a road rage row escalated in Northampton on Tuesday afternoon

An onlooker told MailOnline the fair-haired driver of the blue saloon slammed on her brakes in the middle of the road and leapt out of the car.

The driver, described as being in her 40s, reportedly approached the dark-haired motorist of the Audi where they exchanged angry insults.

Their dispute descended into a shocking display of violence with an onlooker capturing the moment they started slapping one another on film.

In footage obtained by MailOnline, the clip begins with the pair wrestling in the middle of a carriageway as their cars stop the flow of traffic.

The women can be seen holding each other in choke-holds until the brunette finally succumbs to the elder woman's strength and goes tumbling to the ground.

Meanwhile cars passing in the opposite lanes beep their horns and call for them to stop but to no avail.

The brunette, wearing a dress, is then bodyslammed into the road which has been temporarily blocked by their fight.

The elder fair-haired driver of the Jaguar used her full body weight to shove the brunette women into the temporarily blocked carriageway as a child begged them to stop

The blonde-haired woman appears to turn on a man who tried to break up the fracas

The fair-haired mother appears to be held back momentarily by a young boy begging her to stop.

The dark-haired woman then appears to shout: 'I'm f****ing late' before staggering back to her own saloon car, parked just behind.

As the brunette makes her way back to the car she followed again by the Jaguar motorist who points in her face. The pair begin slapping each other.

A desperate young boy appears to plead with the fair-haired lady: 'Mum, please come on let's go.'

The scenes were described as 'embarrassing' by one witness who said he was appalled.

Scroll down for video

The blonde-haired woman appears to turn on a man who tried to break up the fracas

Scroll down for video

My view: Are these posh women low lifes or what?, they're as bad as each other, fighting infront of their kids, as they cried and begged them to stop, hardly ladylike.

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