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Customer fight McDonald's staff over toilet

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A McDonald's customer in London captured the moment two customers launched a furious tirade at staff over toilet roll in the early hours of Saturday morning (August 25).

According to the filmer, the argument between a customer and staff members started over a lack of the toilet roll in the restaurant, at Highbury Corner in Islington.

The lengthy altercation quickly escalated, with the man appearing to throw an object at staff. The filmer wrote online: "I was in McDonald's at 1am on Saturday when the evening was disturbed by a lady in a pink romper suit shouting about the state of the toilets. Her friend started berating the staff."

shows the young woman and her male friend shouting at the McDonald's workers. One customer tries to calm the man, wearing glasses and a beige tracksuit. "I am chill," he insists, but he makes his way over towards the staff and appears to throw something at staff.

A member of staff then arrives on the scene and removes the man from the premises. At the end of the , the woman, seen wearing pink tracksuit bottoms, appears to be berating another female member of staff for working at McDonald's before leaving.

"At this point, the police are called, and thankfully the staff manage to get most of the troublemakers outside," the filmer wrote online. "They locked the doors, leaving me locked inside!" The filmer said he tweeted this to the McDonald's UK Twitter account. "No one should have to put up with abuse like that at their place of work," he added.

My view: Wow, so stupid of the woman to look down on someone for working with Mcdonalds. Well, the Mcdonalds staff work with the food company, so they can serve poor souls like her. I also wonder why the woman wants cheap food, if she's so disgusted by the staff for working with a food chain that sells cheap food. I hope her own employer watch the video, so they can see for themselves the kind of nasty human being they have as a staff.

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