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CBB's Hardeep Singh Kohli and Chloe Ayling face eviction

Culled from Metro

Chloe Ayling and Hardeep Singh Kohli are the latest housemates to be put up for the public vote on Celebrity Big Brother.

One of the two will be evicted tomorrow as part of the live show with Emma Willis. Chloe’s been branded lazy by her housemates as she continues romance with Jermaine (Picture: WENN)

Chloe angered the most housemates and managed to land seven nominations out of the possible ten she could’ve got.

Among the reasons, her unwillingness to clean up after herself, and her vanity coming before participating in the house.

‘She has never offered to clean the lavatory or the bathroom or the sinks, or wash up, she’s basically, lazy,’ psychic Sally said during her nomination reasons.

Meanwhile, Hardeep received six nominations – mainly for his farting and for getting into a war of words with Roxanne yesterday when his comedy roast task yesterday fell flat.

Roxie herself got four nominations, mainly for being too loud and energetic for the house, with Ryan Thomas claiming that he feels she may be playing up to the cameras.

Corrie star Ryan got three, while Nick Leeson got two, both for not being involved with the group enough.

All the other housemates – Ben Jardine, Dan Osborne, Gabby Allen and Jermaine Pennant – got no nominations at all, and are therefore safe until at least Friday.

My view: Get Chloe Ayling out, she's self obsessed. She’s not a team player and wouldn’t be missed if she left.

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