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FILTER QUEEN Kylie Jenner poses with six-month-old daughter Stormi as they look unrecognizable with

Kylie Jenner welcomed her daughter Stormi Webster, on February 1 with boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott.

And on Thursday, Kylie cuddled with Stormi, as shared a Snapchat filter video

The cosmetics entrepreneur held Stormi in her arms while playing with a pink floral filter on Snapchat.

Checkout the video and pictures below:

Scroll down for video

Stormi looks just like Kylie, pictured above as a toddler

Checkout Stormi's eyes, it looked photoshoped

My view: Snapchat please can you produce/ma a snapchat filter moisturiser-cream that will drastically change facial features to make people look flawless and beautiful, instead of going through risky cosmetic surgery procedure, as Kylie Jenner can't wait to get it, just look at how she changed Stormi's nose, eyes and even her skin tone. As you know that Snapchat filters are just for fun, to make pictures look good and perfect, but it seems she desperately wants to change Stormi's nose and eyes, that even the the picture she posted as natural, she still altered her eyes. I wonder why she's not happy with it. when paparrazi gets the real shot then the story is different. #We're all waiting to see the paparrazi picture of Kylie's daughter Stormi, as that'll be the real picture. It's good that Kylie and her busboy boyfriend Travis Scott have now decided to use their daughter to promote their products, so don't cry when people like Nicki Minaj call you out for doing exactly that

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