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Evicted Celebrity Big Brother housemate Natalie Nunn claims 'disgusting' Jermaine Pennant DE

Culled from Daily Mail

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Natalie Nunn has revealed that housemate Jermaine Pennant denied he was married after viewers saw his growing connection to kidnap victim Chloe Ayling.

The 33-year-old Bad Girls Club star told MailOnline viewers had barely scratched the surface of the former footballer's connection with the model, as she predicted they will soon have sex in the house.

Natalie also admitted she was baffled by her housemates reluctance to open up about their so-called storms, and said she found it 'upsetting' that many housemates viewed her honest demeanour as intimidating.

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Explosive: Celebrity Big Brother evictee Natalie Nunn has revealed that housemate Jermaine Pennant denied he was married after viewers saw his growing connection to Chloe Ayling

She said: 'Everybody was lying! Chloe was lying! It was so upsetting everybody was lying to me when I was asking questions. Somebody said Jermaine was married and then Jermaine turned around and said ''I'm not married!''

'I was like oh my god is he married or not, it was so upsetting like everybody was lying and then here comes Natalie the Big Bad Wolf, and I'm not that big bad wolf and they're telling me lies everybody was lying in there.'

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Natalie went onto reveal that there was far more to Jermaine's close relationship with Chloe than viewers have seen, branding the footballer 'disgusting' for his behaviour.

'Chloe was last night sleeping in the bed with Jermaine, she had on little see through panties from the front and the back,' she said.

'She was sleeping in the bed with Jermaine, they were passing love letters in the [makeup] compacts in there and it was really upsetting to me because you know what I don't even know if this man is married if he's divorced I don't know what is going on, just really upsetting everybody was lying.'

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On whether she could see the pair having sex during their time in the house, Natalie added: 'I think for sure, if they didn't have sex last night there were condoms all over the floor, they were hiding things in compacts, they were pushing things down toilets. Absolutely they're gonna have sex I don't know what is going on anymore.

Jermaine is disgusting he is disgusting he is a married man I found that out tonight from everybody when I got evicted. He is a married man they better not put me back in that CBB house he is a married man he should not be sleeping in the bed with Chloe. He didn't even have a ring on his finger.

'I'm gonna tell you something right now they've been in the hot tubs together, they've been connected at the hips together, they've in the bathroom where there are no cameras together.

'This is disgusting to the housemates that don't know the truth, I went in there and owned that I was a married woman, I owned that I was a bad girl, bad things in my past and these man won't even admit that he's married.'

Natalie was the first housemate to be evicted from this year's Celebrity Big Brother, and she went onto admit viewers were 'silly' to vote her out.

And after receiving a warning from bosses over her treatment of Chloe following a dispute over a wet chair, she said the mother-of-one was painting herself as a 'victim,' and was stunned to find out she was parent as she showed little emotional reaction to being apart from her child.

Natalie admitted she was surprised to see how little the housemates were willing to share about their pasts, saying it was 'upsetting' to live with people she knew barely a thing about.

She said: 'I came in very blindsided. I asked a lot of questions about the housemates because I was from another world you can say.

'I didn't know any of them I didn't know any of them in the Hollywood industry what they did I just want to know who was who and what they were there for, and I just felt a little excluded. I did, I felt like the American girl who came in blindsided.'

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'I didn't feel at risk I'm a bad girl I own it, but I did want to know, you know you're living in a house with a bunch of people you don't know you just knew your names.

'Honestly I didn't even know if that was really their names, I was asking questions, I wanted to know who people were, their backgrounds, everybody was lying to me and I wanted to get to the bottom of it not for the viewers for me, you know I'm living with these people.

'It was uneasy at times because I was like can I even ask if they have kids? Some of them were like 'don't ask me about my kids!' OK! It was crazy it was insane everyone was lying and fake.'

Fans also saw Natalie come to blows with actress Kirstie Alley on numerous occasions, but she said this stemmed from the American actress refusing to open about her political or religious background.

'Kirstie didn't want to face who she really was, she wanted everybody in the house to believe that she was really there,' she said.

'But Kirstie's a Republican, very into not telling us that she was a republican, she also didn't want to mention, I started asking people who were engaged oh are you going to get married in a church?

'And they were like no I'm not religious and then it came to Kirstie and all of a sudden I didn't know that she was Scientologist. Nobody wanted to talk about anything personal, nobody wanted to live out loud, I own being me nobody wanted to do that.'

Natalie's shock revelation came after Chloe made her interest in Jermaine all too apparant, after she begged to share a bed with him for the night.

After the housemates took part in a bed-hopping game, Chloe was seen pulling Gabby Allen into the bathroom where she quietly asked if she could instead sleep in next to Jermaine.

Sadly their exchange turned out to be not-so secret, as Ryan Thomas immediately ran into the bedroom and made a huge announcement on the change in sleeping arrangements.

Rodrigo was later seen being given advice to Chloe on how she should move forward in her chemistry with Jermaine, with a bit of advice from Natalie - though they appeared oblivious to the fact that Jermaine was a married man.

He said: 'Did you bring condoms? BB can provide them, it's life right, beautiful young girl handsome young man, make the most of he's single for gods sake. If anything developed into like something I want to get the credit for it.'

Chloe replied: 'I agree with you but then I thought he has a girlfriend.'

Meanwhile Jermaine appeared to imply that his side of the 'romance' was in fact put on for the game, as Ryan warned his of how his flirtatious behaviour could be viewed by outside viewers, and more importantly his wife.

Ryan told the footballer: 'I think it's a bad idea getting with Chloe tonight, the way it will look I just don't think it will do any favours, you'll cause yourself unnecessary problems for no reason.

'People in here or people on the outside will misinterpret it, it's nothing to do with you, but I don't want you to get to that point where people read into it too much, but right now it's just banter.'

Jermaine replied: 'Your Mrs is laid back, chill you know your limits. I'm playing along with it as well. I really don't care, it makes no difference to me, the cameras are on, as soon as you move an inch you're filmed.

'All press is good press as they say.'

Later that evening Ryan played a hilarious prank on the would-be couple by placing condoms on their pillows.

And by the night's end Jermaine appeared to be struggling to contain his desires, as he asked Chloe to wrap herself in the duvet.

It came after the pair were caught breaking strict Big Brother regarding secret communication, by writing each other eyeliner notes in the model's powder compact.

Jermaine - who is married to model Alice Goodwin - appeared to breach house rules which prohibit the writing of notes, by writing an eyeliner message in Chloe's powder compact in the preview clip.

Chloe could then be seen confiding in Rodrigo about the pair's secret messages, telling the 'Human Ken Doll' that the message said 'I like you.'

She then wrote a reply which said: 'Since when?' to which he responded 'since Day One.' BOTS host Rylan Clark-Neal also explained one note - which could be briefly seen - said 'Think that's f****ed now, getting out, no eyes fantastic.'


Happy days: Jermaine and his wife Alice Goodwin (pictured in April), have been married since 2014

My view: Natalie Nunn had some good points but it was her delivery that was bad. when you scream and shout in the UK Big Brother house, then fake people will cry and play the victim card just to get public sympathy, especially if you're the only big character that can shout, you just have to calm down, so you won't look aggressive and intimidating. As for Jermaine and Chloe I think they're both playing a very bad game with someones heart and I don't get why any woman would be jealous of Chloe?, she doesn't even wash according to Rodriguo Alves. The fact is Natalie Nunn did not harm anyone with her shouting, but Jermaine and Chloe did, as they are intentionally/unintentionally breaking Jermaine's wife's heart daily.

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