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Dog starved almost to death by woman wanting to get back at her boyfriend

Culled from Metro

A dog is recovering after he was almost starved to death when a woman wanted to get revenge against her ex-boyfriend.

Elizabeth Lena James, 30, denied Champ food for a month, leaving him barely able to walk.

He was found on death’s door last week in South Carolina and is now being looked after by vets in Columbia, South Carolina.

He was found tied to a tree, emaciated, starved and full of maggots and worms.

Security guard sacked for farting at work and putting videos online However, Champ, a 16-month-old mastiff mix, is said to be making steady progress thanks to his diet of high-protein foods including boiled chicken and scrambled eggs.

He was named by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who have been campaigning and raising funds for him.

Video footage shows him taking part in a gentle walking exercise with the help of a strap under his body as he is too weak to stand up for more than a few seconds without assistance.

A spokesman for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said: ‘Today, he is very weak and can only stand for a few seconds, but he is standing and he is enjoying excellent medical care, good food, kind people, green grass, sunshine and freedom.

‘He will never be starved or have to live tied outside, alone and suffering ever again.

This is Champ’s new beginning.’ James was arrested and booked into the Laurens County Detention Center on August 16. Sheriff Don Reynolds of Laurens County Sheriff s Office said: ‘Inhumane treatment of animals will not be tolerated on my watch.

No animal should have to go without food and water.’

My view: This woman is wicked, she should do community service, why punish an innocent dog?.

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