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Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Ayling says married Jermaine Pennant has secretly been flirting wi

Culled from Digital Spy

Celebrity Big Brother is set to air footage on Friday night that may have major implications for Jermaine Pennant's marriage, Digital Spy, reported.

The footballer went into the house last week amid controversy for spilling gossip about friend Ashley Cole and his ex-wife Cheryl's scandalous marriage, but it's the future of his own relationship that's now being called into question.

Earlier this week, fans called out the former Arsenal and Liverpool winger when hepassionately kissed model Chloe Ayling's thigh during a saucy round of Spin the Bottle.

Viewers suspected that he'd be "coming home to a divorce" and should have "shown some respect for his wife" because, yes, Jermaine has been married to former glamour model Alice Goodwin for four years.

Scroll down and watch Jermaine and Chloe flirting and breaking Big Brother rule

It looks like there's more drama to come because Thursday's highlight show ended with a preview for Friday night's episode, in which viewers will apparently see Chloe share a genuinely unsettling secret with Rodrigo Alves.

Chloe revealed that Jermaine had written her a secret message and passed it to her through her makeup compact to conceal it from the camera, with the note apparently reading: "I like you."

"I was like, 'Since when?' He was like, 'Day one'," Chloe laughed to Rodrigo, who cooed: "Oh, how cute is that?"

Scroll down and watch Jermain and Chloe in action

Guess who didn't think the message was cute? Celebrity Big Brother viewers — they're already disgusted that a) Jermaine wrote the note and b) Chloe seems to have no issue flirting with a married man.

On Bit on the Side later, a second clip was screened that alluded to Jermaine and Chloe having previously concealed even more unseen conduct from the cameras.

Jermaine wrote to Chloe in her makeup compact: "Think that's f**ked now. Getting out. No eyes. Fantastic."

Jermaine has been writing secret notes to Chloe #CBB #CBBBOTS

See reaction below:

Vicki‏ @Vicki___XX

I swear Jermaine is married or has a gf? Why is he confessing his feelings for Chloe? this is why men are trash, they’re all playing dangerous games. #CBB

1:59 PM - 23 Aug 2018

There is a less serious layer to this issue as well, since these two were allegedly passing along secret notes, which is in direct violation of Big Brother rules.

Fans will have to tune in on Friday to see what these two are truly up to, and find out if they get punished for breaking one of Big Brother's most sacred guidelines. Oh, and there's a live eviction too!

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Friday (August 24) at 9pm on Channel 5, followed by Bit on the Side at 10.35pm and Live from the House at 11.35pm.

My view: Chloe Ayling is disgusting, she knows that what she's doing with Jermaine Pernant is very wrong and yet she's flirting with him, why can't some women just say NO you're a married man?, Jermain has publicly humiliated his wife watching at home. Well I'm not surprised, that's what footballers do, they think they can do anything they like with women, cheat on their wives/girlfriends, because they have the financial power to do so and their wives/girlfriends will forgive them as they love the lifestyle, that's why footballers like Wayne Rooney continue to get away with cheating and Jermain Pernant is no different. I hope both of them are up for eviction next, so the public can kick them out and save his wife from the embarrassment and pain he's inflicting on her. Natalie Nunn was right when she said that Chloe is pretending that she's being bullied, a woman that has gone through worse situation, crying so Jermain can give her a cuddle. CBB should stop encouraging what Chloe and Jermaine are doing and stop the nonsense by calling both of them and give them final warning, you can't just allow the shameful act to go on in the name of entertainment, stop supporting adultery. Get Chloe and Jermain Out, stand up for what is right, as viewers don't want to watch a senseless married man and a loose woman flirting.