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Celebrity Big Brother forced to intervene after Natalie Nunn makes "innocent" Chloe Aylin

Culled from Daily Mail

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have called for Natalie Nunn to be removed from the house, after bosses were forced to intervene on her loud tirade against Chloe Ayling, Daily Mail reported.

Fans of the Channel 5 show took to Twitter in fury after Natalie was called to the Diary Room for her intimidating behaviour towards kidnap victim Chloe, which came after she launched into a furious rant about her wet chair.

Natalie left Chloe Ayling in tears after slamming her past and claiming she wasn't qualified to be in the house, as she launched into a shocking tirade about why she isn't qualified to be in the house.

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Natalie's clash with Chloe led her to be called to the Diary Room by Big Brother, where she refused to apologise for her words, and instead launching into yet another sarcastic rant.

She said: 'You see what happens, don't clap back don't come for me unless i send for you, I asked you nicely.

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As Big Brother suggested that her words could have been seen as threatening or aggressive, she sarcastically said: 'I could have nicely told poor little innocent Chloe who shows their t**s to the UK who does Page 3, can you nicely think before you do things and not sit in my chair wet.'

Many viewers were left outraged by Natalie's behaviour and took to Twitter to slam the star, demanding that she should be removed from the house.

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One tweeted: 'Natalie is shocking get her out of the house,' while another wrote: 'Don't get how the producers of @bbuk are letting this happen...'

A third added: 'Oh my god get Natalie out!! She's so vile!! Having to mute my telly!'

My view: Why is James Jordan calling Natalie Nunn a low life, just like Trump called Omarosa, just because they're both speaking the truth. Natalie has been vindicated, because she has been calling out the housemates who are so fake and playing the victim card, I don't agree with her shouting style but she's saying the truth, Big Brother should have called Natalie the very first time the shouting started and ask her to tone her voice down, instead of showing her to the public like a bad person and not highlighting what the other fake housemates are doing. The pain that useless Jermaine Pennant and cheap chloe Ayling are inflicting on Jermaine's wife is far worse than Natalie's shouting match, you know there's no way for Natalie to harm anyone because there are other housemates and security around and yet you portray her as a bully, while Jermaine and Chloe are the ones who are actually causing pain and breaking someone's heart into pieces. I prefer Natalie Nunn to women like Chloe Ayling and Meghan Markle, who are breaking someone's heart then play the victim card. Chloe is breaking Jermaine's wife's heart while fake Meghan is breaking her father's heart and yet people support these disgusting women they are bullies as well. Why is Chloe not being shown and portrayed as a homewrecker, while their camera is 24/7 on Natalie. Natalie isn't afraid to call people out but it's her stlye of delivery that is wrong. Big Brother please next time try to balance the house dynamic, by putting 8 aggressive housemates and 8 boring housemates, so the agressive ones can shout at each other and entertain viewers, because you make Natalie look so bad on her own. I wonder how innocent Chloe thinks Jermaine's wife is feeling at home crying like her but his wife's tears are real.#Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Ayling says married Jermaine Pennant has secretly been flirting with her. #Chloe Ayling is disgusting, she knows that what she's doing with Jermaine Pernant is very wrong and yet she's flirting with him, #why can't some women just say NO you're a married man?, Jermain has publicly humiliated his wife watching at home. Well I'm not surprised, that's what footballers do, they think they can do anything they like with women, cheat on their wives/girlfriends, because they have the financial power to do so and their wives/girlfriends will forgive them as they love the lifestyle, that's why footballers like Wayne Rooney continue to get away with cheating and Jermain Pernant is no different. #I hope both of them are up for eviction next, so the public can kick them out and save his wife from the embarrassment and pain he's inflicting on her. Natalie Nunn was right when she said that Chloe is pretending that she's being bullied, a woman that has gone through worse situation, crying so Jermain can give her a cuddle. #CBB should stop encouraging what Chloe and Jermaine are doing and stop the nonsense by calling both of them and give them final warning, you can't just allow the shameful act to go on in the name of entertainment, stop supporting adultery. #Get Chloe and Jermain Out, stand up for what is right, #as viewers don't want to watch a senseless married man and a loose woman flirting. #Read more from

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