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Celebrity Big Brother housemates Gaby Allen and Natalie Nunn EXPLOSIVE row - over a workout session

Culled from Mirror

One of Natalie's first rows of the day is caused after she believe she and Rodrigo Alves were left out of a workout - and the reaction is pretty extreme.

Natalie going over the top in her arguments is nothing new - Celebrity Big Brother fans have watched her shout and scream at Hardeep, Kirstie, and now Gabby, in one of her most explosive rows yet.

Gabby, who is a personal trainer by trade, got a few people together for a workout, including Dan and Jermaine.

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However, Natalie said she and Rodrigo were offended to have been left out of the workout, having wanted to take part and wondering why Gabby was only letting the boys take part.

But rather than asking questions, however, Natalie went for the jugular as she started having a go at Gabby, with the discussion quickly escalating into a very loud argument.

Natalie accused Gabby of deliberately excluding Rodrigo and herself, and the two girls started screaming at each other loudly while Rodrigo tried his best to interject and calm the atmosphere.

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Natalie told Chloe: "So we're having a twerk off, Rodrigo and I, and everyone is invited because we felt the last few days we've been left out of all the workouts so today we don't want to exclude people so we're opening up our big loud mouths and inviting everyone to our twerk off."

She then pointedly asked Gabby: "So Gabby, do you care that Rodrigo and I have felt excluded from the work outs, because you have been the one who has had them?"

Gabby looked angry and replied: "To be honest I don't think i have left you out at's a free garden, it's free house."

The argument continued as the girls shouted over one another, to the point where Dan and Ben, in the next room, bemoaned an argument so early in the morning.

After the bust-up, Gabby went to the diary room where she cried and said she wanted to leave, calling Natalie a "nasty, nasty person" that she could not bear to live with.

She had a similar conversation in the garden with Dan, who tried to console her and convince her not to leave.

This was not Natalie's first of the day, as she reacted very badly to finding out she was up for eviction, as she stomped around the house calling the whole process "b*******."

Gabby cried in the diary room (Image: C5)

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Celebrity Big Brother continues today at 9pm on Channel 5.

My view: Natalie Nunn is made for reality TV, CBB is interesting to watch because of her, without her it'll be boring and she's not a bully she's just being herself, she's very real.

Also on every show Natalie appears on she plays the role of the villain because she's loud and does it extremely well and she knows this, and Natalie also knows that it's why #CBB booked her. Viewers shouldn't take it so seriously and just enjoy the show. Idon't get why people are quick to play the bullying card when they're being called out. Gaby is as loud as Natalie then she runs to the boys and pretend she's being bullied. Gaby's tears are fake, she's playing the victim card, get her out with fake Roxane, always acting, Big Brother should make each celebs say what their storm is, they can be paid huge amount of money just to sit there and not be themselves all they do is bitch behind each others back.

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