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Nicki Minaj is blaming Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi for Travis Scott's victory over her on the charts.

Nicki is furious because she came second at the top of the Billboard Chart with her new album, "Queen" ... as Travis captured the number 1 spot with his album, "Astroworld," which came out 2 weeks ago.

Nicki believes Travis cheated because he's using his daughter and her Kylie to promote his album.

Nicki, Specifically went hard over Kylie's post 3 days ago where she plastered Travis' tour art with the caption, "me and storm ready for tour."

She claims Travis sold more than 50,000 units off his girlfriend Kylie's post ... spiking his overall album sales.

See Kylie and Nicki's posts below:

Scroll down for video

My view: I think the whole thing is a stunt, for Nicki Minaj to shift her album as she couldn't sell enough to be number one, with her disgusting raunchy cover. Nicki, Kylie and Travis Scott are pals, so don't believe in the hype about Nicki blaming Kylie and her daughter Stormi for her not getting to the number one spot. I think Nicki should swallow her pride and ask her billionaire friend Kylie to help her promote her song on her Instagram page, instead of slamming her and her child, she'll sell more than Travis if Kylie help promote the song pn social media. The real person Nicki Minaj has beef with his Cardi B, you need to watch her pathetic interview she had with Genius, you'll just know that she was referring to Cardi B, that was a very bitter interview. For crying out loud Nicki is 35 and Cardi is 25, why are you so bitter about a girl you're old enough to be her mother, yes old enogh to be her mum, it's a shame, and you sound so desperate, it's sad to watch that footage.

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