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Stunning Rihanna flaunts her cute curves in royal blue dress while playing bridesmaid for best frien

It is clear that Rihanna has in no way let fame get to her head as she was spotted at her childhood friend Sonita Alexander's wedding.

Rihanna, 30, was one of the bridesmaids at her friend's wedding over the weekend in Barbados.

The singer, philanthropist and cosmetics mogul looked gorgeous in a royal blue maxi dress.

Riri looked happy at the lavish bash, accentuating her hazel eyes with a pink lip.

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Rihanna's makeup line reportedly earned 'a whopping $100 million in sales within 40 days' of release in September 2017, according to Vogue.

Rihanna and her friend Doctor Sonita have been friends since childhood (Image: Instagram)

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My view: Singer, Philanthropist and cosmetics mogul Rihanna is so famous but has kept her childhood friends, she's so real. Unlike Meghan Markle who discarded her childhood friend Ninaki Priddy as she climbs up the social ladder during her acting career and refused to invite her black side of her mother Doria's family to her wedding, that's humanitarian Meghan. Riri is the kind of friend everyone loves to have, not the fake plastic celeb friends you see at Coachella partying together and then declare war on each other because of album sales.

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