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Woman Trying to Win Back The Man Who Cheated On her - Paternity Court

Source: Paternity Court

Thomas v. Nelson: A North Carolina man had four children with his live-in lover before disappearing to marry another woman.

The paternity of their fifth child is in question, and Judge Lake uncovers that he's still sleeping with both women.

Scrool down and watch the video

My view: This man is only using both women for sex, it seems whenever his baby-mama can't give it to him he then runs to the other woman. The man is just interested in sex and nothing else. The two women are fools and if they think he'll commit to one of them, then they have another thing coming. I don't get how a woman think is wise to continue to have kids as a side-kick for a man who refused to marry her and the other woman got the ring, what a shame.

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