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Brawl Erupts at New York Nail Salon After Customer Complains About Service

Inside Edition reports that, There was a brawl inside a Brooklyn, New York, nail salon over the weekend in which one patron was struck with a broom handle.

The incident occurred after a customer complained about her $5 eyebrow service Friday.

Police said the fight started after the disgruntled customer hit a nail technician.

At one point, the customer was seen being held as they waited for police.

The customer's grandmother was hit with a broom handle after the dispute inside New Red Apple Nails. She was also sprayed in the face with nail polish remover by a store employee.

In the aftermath of the melee, the salon has become the target of neighbors calling for the business to be shut down.

According to Inside Edition, Things got so tense that nail technicians had to be escorted out by police.

On Tuesday, the salon was closed and protesters were outside chanting that they wanted the place shut down.

Two people were arrested — a salon employee and the young woman who complained about the work done on her eyebrows, Inside Edition reported.

My view: Why fight with broomstick, the acetone and broomstick were unnecessary. The fight has nothing to do with racism, it's just a fight between an employee and a customer who clearly didn't want to pay for a bad job, according to her. Maybe the saloon should try to employ at least two black women, to reduce the racial bias.

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