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England rugby star Danny Cipriani is CHARGED with assaulting cop after 'drunken bust-up with bou

Culled from The Sun

England rugby star Danny Cipriani has today been charged with assaulting a cop after a "boozed-up nightclub row", The Sun reported.

The 30-year-old was also charged with common assault, larceny, resisting arrest and being disorderly on licensed premises after a reported 1am incident in Jersey.

He was said to have told cops: “These wrists are gold, loosen the cuffs” as he was nicked.

The star - given a "last warning" over his behaviour by England coach Eddie Jones - was bundled into a police car and will remain in custody until a court appearance at 10am tomorrow morning.

Cipriani was said to have been involved in an ugly spat outside The Little Drift nightclub in St Helier.

He was out with other players from Gloucester RFC as part of the club’s pre-season tour.

A witness alleged: “Cipriani was in a row after a big disagreement with a burly bouncer.

“The player wanted to take his drink outside, but wasn’t allowed.

“An argument broke out, and neither man backed down.

“Things turned nasty and there was a scuffle as the duo spilled out into the street.

Danny pictured with a fan

“Cipriani, looking unsteady on his feet, was detained. Police were called straightaway.”

The pin-up star was allegedly on a pub crawl with other players after his club staged an open training session with Jersey Reds RFC.

He ended up in the nightclub attached to The Royal Yacht spa hotel which overlooks St Helier’s harbour.

A source alleged: “The player was clearly sozzled and could be seen swaying around.

Danny Cipriani shared this picture on Instagram of him out to dinner with Gloucester Rugby teammates

“He could clearly be heard saying, ‘These wrists are gold, loosen the cuffs’. It caused a bit of a laugh.

“When the police arrested him he was very relaxed.

“St Helier is like a small village and nothing happens here without everyone knowing.

“A few clubbers who watched the drama were die-hard England fans. Even as Cipriani was taken away, people were asking if it meant the end of his international career.”

The fly-half was welcomed back into the England fold in June after a ten-year absence following a series of disciplinary issues.

Picked for the tour of South Africa, Eddie Jones warned: “If he’s a good character he could be in the team for a long time. If he’s a bad character, there’s always a plane back from Johannesburg.”

After Tuesday’s open training session, Cipriani, in a grey t-shirt and black shorts, was pictured on social media posing with fans.

Gloucester Rugby’s official Twitter account posted: “Thank you to @jerseyrfc and your supporters for giving us such a warm welcome this evening and a great session on the pitch!”

This evening, Jersey Police told The Sun: “This afternoon, 30 year old Daniel Cipriani was charged with Common Assault, Larceny, Assault on Police, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly on Licenced Premises

Danny Cipiriani was pictured with this woman at 5.20am on Saturday night in London (Picture: Daily Mail)

Danny Cipriani laying on the ground after being hit by a bus in 2013.

Danny with his ex- girlfriend Kelly Brook, has also dated models Katie Price, Lara Bingle and Jasmine Waltz

Danny Cipriani with Kelly Brook in 2016. The rugby star has been charged with a number of offences after a nightclub brawl

The Little Drift nightclub in St Helier, Jersey, where the alleged brawl took place

My view: Oh for crying out loud, give me a break Danny Cypriani, what a big joke, your wrists are not gold when you're under arrest and in police custody. You're not a superstar and a celebrity when you're in custody you're an ordinary person/civilian and that's why you were treated like that when you were arrested, police don't discriminate when a celeb or an ordinary person allegedly commit an offence. Just get yourself a good lawyer, that's where celebrities and rich people have the upper hand and money to fight their case.

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