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First look inside Celebrity Big Brother’s new Love Island style house with tropical decor, pool, hot

Culled from The Sun

Celebrity Big Brother is back to fill the void for reality TV addicts mourning the loss of Love Island - and the revamped house looks just like the villa, The Sun reported.

Checkout out, "best bits" of the new house, transformed with bright colours to fit its tropical theme and complete with an outdoor pool.

See pictures and video below:

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From the moment our stars step into the house they will be greeted with two neon lightning bolts either side, guiding them down the steep stairs.

The electric blue colour transforms the tiny space, giving it an exciting feel for the celebrities who have just waved goodbye to life as they know it on the outside.

In a daunting new twist, celebrities won't be able to see who is already in the house because there is a door at the bottom of the stairs.

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At least if they have an awkward stumble it'll only be the millions of people watching at home who see it happen.

ALL housemates this series share a common bond - every single one of them has been at the centre of a scandal.

And how better to escape during a particularly tough moment in the spotlight than to disappear abroad.

That's why this year's theme "Eye of the Storm" has seen the house transformed into sunny California.

The interior of the house is a paradise of tropical prints and "Hollywood Regency flair", with the exterior looking more like a Palm Springs desert retreat.

My view: Can't wait to watch the show, especially loudmouth Samantha Markle and Trump's former side-kick Stormy Daniels. I think they should invite Omarosa.

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