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21-year-old Woman 'died by suicide after arguing with housemate about stolen make-up facemask&#3

Culled from Mirror

A 21-year-old woman took her own life after arguing with a housemate about a stolen make-up facemask, an inquest heard, Mirror reported.

Mercedes Harrison was found hanging in gardens near her home the morning after the row.

A coroner was told she and housemate Bree Taylor Shaw had a bust up about a L'Oreal facemask.

Bree gave evidence saying: "We got on really well in the beginning but we had started to argue about stupid things.

"I took a L'Oreal face mask from her room, at the time I thought it was funny.

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"I kept it from her and it caused another argument. She said she felt excluded from our friendship group."

Hotel worker Mercedes was said to be "upset" following the row and went to her room.

She wrote notes, including one addressed to Bree, before walking out of her flat in Weymouth, Dorset, at 2am.

A dog walker found her body in nearby public gardens on the morning of March 27 this year.

On Monday the inquest in Bournemouth heard Mercedes' mum died in a car accident when she was a young girl.

After a spell in the Philippines with her dad she ended up living with foster parents before settling in Dorset.

Her grandfather Brian Avis said in a statement: "She got a job at the Bourneville Hotel and they trained her to manage the hotel.

"So many people loved her and she seemed to be doing well.

"It was a total shock when she hanged herself."

Dorset Coroner Rachael Griffin ruled her death was a suicide.

She said: "Mercedes Harrison was a young lady who had a troubled life and encountered a number of difficulties from an early age.

"The fact she took herself to a relatively secluded area indicates she did not want to be found.

"She also produced notes which both police and her friends interpreted as notes of intention.

"I am therefore satisfied she died by suicide."

My view: She must have been suffering from severe depression, it's sad she took her own life over facemask and she probably didn't feel loved.

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