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Jeremy Corbyn in Twitter spat with Israeli prime minister over 'laying wreath at Palestinian ter

Culled from Evening Standard

Jeremy Corbyn has clashed with the Israeli prime minister as a row escalated over claims the Labour leader laid a wreath at the grave of a Palestinian terrorist.

Benjamin Netanyahu said Mr Corbyn deserved "unequivocal condemnation", accusing him of laying a wreath on the grave of one of those behind the 1972 Munich terror attack.

The right-wing Likud leader also criticised the Labour leader for drawing parallels between Israeli actions against Palestinians and Nazi atrocities.

Mr Corbyn hit back in the Twitter spat, saying the accusations were "false" and blasting Mr Netanyahu's policies in Gaza.

He had earlier said he had been present when a wreath was laid to "those that were killed in Paris in 1992", but he did not "think" he was involved in laying it during a controversial visit to the Palestinian Martyrs' Cemetery.

Labour has said that Mr Corbyn has made it clear he was present to pay his respects to the 47 victims of a 1985 Israeli air strike on Palestinian Liberation Organisation offices in Tunis.

Mr Corbyn also said on Monday that the controversial version of the international definition of anti-Semitism agreed by Labour's ruling body was the "most sophisticated" of any political party.

The party has controversially not signed up to all of the examples of anti-Semitic behaviour set out by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

Mr Corbyn said the party did not want to "unwittingly" shut down debate about Israel.

He told Sky News: "The one example that we are discussing and consulting on is one that makes sure that you can discuss and debate the relations between Israel and Palestine, the future of the peace process and, yes, make criticisms of the actions of the Israeli government in the bombing of Gaza and other places.

"But you can never make those criticisms using anti-Semitic language or anti-Semitic intentions, and that is what we are absolutely clear on."

Jeremy Corbyn raises his hands in what appears to be an Islamic prayer position as he stands beside other politicians. A source said he was not praying but 'copying the others out of respect' (Picture: Daily Mail)

My view: Jeremy Corbyn is guilty as charged, he's still wriggling like a worm, just watch his eyes during the interview, evasive. I don't get what he said by "I was present but not involved with laying of the wreath", when he was clearly pictured holding the wreath, his denial is total BS. Jeremy Corbyn and Benjamin Netanyahu are both vile, Netanyahu called African migrants terrorists, pot calling kettle names. There's just no way Jeremy Corbyn can win the next election.

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