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Khloe Kardashian Kisses Tristan Thompson on Romantic Holiday With Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons

Khloe Kardashian, 34, labelled her relationship with cheating boyfriend Tristan Thompson 'complicated' on Thursday night at her younger sister Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday bash.

But Khloe was spotted putting a passionate display with her boyfriend Tristan in a swimming pool, while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The couple are holidaying with Khloe's younger sister Kendall Jenner, 22, and her boyfriend Ben Simmons, also 22.

Khloe and Tristan can be seen in the picture, as they passionately kiss, it seems their relationship is solid despite Khloe's insinuating with her wine glass that it is complicated at Kylie's birthday party.

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Kendall Jenner, pictured with her boyfriend Ben Simmons

Kendall Jenner

My view: The Kardashians will do anything to get their KUWTK show attention, as ratings for Keeping up with the Kardashians have continued to fall, so the family will say and do outrageous things to attract viewers. Just like Kanye West revealed he'll like to smash (have sex) with his wife Kim's four sisters that's strange, well if you recall The Wendy William show The Game revealed he reportedly had sex with Khloe and Kim. Khloe is 34 and her boyfriend Tristan is 27 and still playing professional Basketball, so why would she dump a young man just like that and he's also her daughter True's father. She wouldn't want her child to hate her Dad like Meghan Markle, who still hates what her father did by leaving her mother Doria, when she was just 6-years-old. If the man is not abusive there's no point dumping him, if you're ready to be a doormat. Khloe may look desperate but I do believe she's trying to hold the family together because of her daughter True and she's in love with her man Tristan. The paparazzi always win with Khloe's real pictures, no filter.

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