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Man fakes death,stages mortuary photos to stop wife asking for money

Culled from Mirror

A husband tried to fake his own death by staging photos of himself in a morgue so his wife would stop asking him for money, Mirror reported.

Danny Gonzalez, 27, who is originally from Honduras but lives in the US, took photos of himself with cotton wool stuffed into his nostrils and mouth, and a white sheet over his body.

He sent the photos to his wife living back home in Saba, southern Honduras, along with a picture of a flower-covered coffin in a funeral parlour.

A message told her he had died from cancer and asthma, according to reports.

However, the ruse backfired after local media in his hometown started to report his sudden death, and the news reached his shocked friends and elderly parents.

But it didn’t take relatives long to realise all was not as it seemed, as Gonzalez appeared to be grinning in the photos.

Others noticed that he appeared to be lying in a doubled bed, and the white sheet over his body was actually a pillow cover.

When local media finally found him alive, he admitted the hoax was a ploy to make his of two years believe he had passed away.

He told the TV Sur channel: “My wife would call me every week just to ask to send more money.

"Every Saturday she would call me telling me I had sent her so much, and I needed to send her this much more.

"The rest of the week, not even a message. She would never send photos or ask me anything else.

“She kept asking me to send her mobile phones.

"I’d already sent six and she always rang me to tell me it had been stolen.”

But a neighbour told the channel that the news of his death had been “a terrible blow” for his elderly parents, who also live in Saba.

Other family members reportedly slammed him as “an ungrateful son”.

Social media users also criticised Gonzalez, who had been living in the US for several years.

One, Zuly Deras, wrote: “Better to have been honest with your parents and tell them that you no longer want to help them, than not to lie in that way. You can really die after playing in that way. God have mercy on you.”

Many Honduras families rely on relatives who have made it to the US to help them financially.

From January to May 2018, 1.5 million US dollars were sent back home by Hondurans living in the States.

My view: Why are people so selfish and greedy for money?, why have the human race become so mean? husbands/wives dodging to help their partners, rich humanitarian celeb snubbing her father, all because of money and position, everyone of them playing the victim card after staging fake pictures and death, why are people so hard-hearted?, how sad is that?

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