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Tube passenger hunted over knife threat to mother and baby is revealed as social media-obsessed stud

Culled from Daily Mail

The woman being hunted by police over knife threats against a mother and baby on the London Underground has been revealed as a social media-obsessed student, Daily Mail reported.

Millicent Barnes, 21, was said to have launched a furious verbal attack on a family, including a one-year-old child, last month before implying she had a weapon.

But speaking to MailOnline today, the University of Northampton student, who has thousands of followers online, said she was ganged up on by the family-of-four.

Millicent Barnes, 21, was said to have launched a furious verbal attack on a mother and baby on a Central Line underground train

The University of Northampton student told MailOnline she was the victim and had been ganged up on by the family-of-four

Tube rage: 'The woman threatened ME with the knife,' says accused

She said: 'I was not carrying a knife, the mother of the child was the person who threatened me after me being shouted at and verbally assaulted by four members of her family.

'Simply because I asked for an apology for the grandfather jamming the pram into my ankle twice. The woman threatened ME with the knife.'

Police hunt Tube passenger 'who threatened terrified mother...Bank holiday weekend tube chaos ahead as RMT announces...

Barnes' comments contradict a statement from British Transport Police (BTP) which said a woman was aggressive, abusive and threatening toward the family.

In a statement released today, BTP said it was looking to speak with Barnes in connection to the incident, but the 21-year-old told MailOnline: 'It's not sorted yet but I am not wanted [by police].'

Police said the ordeal was 'frightening' and that the young family were 'shaken by this woman's aggressive language'.

Barnes, from South London, has a total of 7,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram and openly spoke about the incident via her accounts.

Some of her followers told the student to hand herself in to police but Barnes told them it was being dealt with.

In a series of tweets, Barnes admitted 'reacting' during the altercation but claimed she'd never threaten anyone with a blade.

She also recognised she had a temper but continued to protest her innocence to her 5,000 Twitter followers.

She went on to say she'd already spoken with BTP so there was no need to hand herself in.

My view: The girl is now getting the publicity she wants, the next thing for her is Big Brother, then she'll become a Z-list celeb. If she threatened the other woman with a knife as the woman claimed, why are not showing it on CCTV and why haven't the other passengers who witnessed the incident come forward and say something about the knife part, as someone must have heard something.

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