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Travis pulled a Tyga surprise, surprise, the 26-year-old rapper is keeping the tradition going, if you recall when Kylie Jenner was dating Tyga, the handsome rapper loved surprising her with a luxury car on her birthday, she got a Ferrari for her 18th and a $200k Maybach Mercedes-Benz for her 19th and now on her 21st birthday Travis surprised her as he posted a video of a vintage Rolls Royce to his Snapchat and captioned "Love you baby happy bday"

See pictures and video below:

See reaction from fans below:

WTF she gonna do with that LOL. Now she gotta pretend she like that shit when you know it’s ugly AF 😩😂

horrible le voy a llevar entocnes el dodge dart de mi papá 🤣🤣🤣

I know I can't afford it, but it's ugly

Travis needs some Autotune in daily life as well

She can name her cars with her boyfriends names😁

Travis voice 😂

Damn he pulled a Tyga..

I wonder how much her car payment is

vintage can still be ugly LMAOOOOO

Why does he sound like he's dying 😶

he had to out do Tyga’s gift on her 19th somehow 🤷🏼‍♀️

The fact that it’s vintage, don’t mean we gotta like it. Taste is subjective. Bye.


I think Kylie would have been happy if the money he spent on the car he could have donated it to a childrens charity

How she keep finding these men that buy her expensive ass cars every damn birthday? 😕

i thought it was a train

That car looks like a guy would appreciate it more than a woman, so who did he really buy it for lol

That car hella ugly lol.

another car?!?! How Many cars do you need kylie???? What a waste of money really! If you hace that much money help other people who aren’t as lucky as you !!!

I think this car is really ugly 😂😂

travis bought her a $1.4m laferrari as a push present. This is something nobody else will ever give her

but she dont need nothing.😂

He sounds like Courage the Cowardly dog 💀

What she gonna do with that.... Drive to tea with the queen!

She's not even looking at it. She's on her phone... 😬

everyone calling this car ugly. It’s a vintage rolls Royce and probably costs more than y’all cribs. Y’all got no serious taste, y’all only see these lambos and shit and get all hype

Ugh...that is such a UGLY car! Ugh...just such a waste of money!

His name is T just like Tygas name was T omg 😮

My view: Wow the vintage car is just like Travis Scott himself, train-wreck so special, he pulled a Tyga, I'm sure Kylie would drive the beautiful car everyday, his girlfriend Kylie's reaction wasn't great. I wonder how much he's sweating himself off working hard to pay for the lease, oh maybe he'll get the money from his alleged monthly salary from Kris Jenner, just to stay with Kylie. I'm not too sure about the vintage car, but the flower garden is absolutely gorgeous, that's how you win a soon-to-be billionaire's heart, by the way who wouldn't love a young soon-to-be billionaire who shares a baby with you?. Lovely Stormi looks exactly like Kylie, as she has her old nose before her cosmetic surgery.

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