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Mother 'killed herself and twin daughters, 14, after setting herself on fire'

Culled from Metro

A mother set herself on fire and killed herself as well as her 14 year-old twin daughters, police say, Metro reported.

Mau Dao, 47 died alongside daughters Trihn and Tram Tram at their house in Vallejo, 32 miles north of San Francisco in the early hours of Sunday.

Her act of self-immolation killed one of the girls at the scene, with Dao and her daughter both dying in a burns unit later on.

Dao’s other 11 year-old daughter was also injured in the blaze, although she managed to escape and tell a police officer what had happened.

Tragically, the blaze was too intense for them to try and enter the family’s home.

The youngest daughter is currently staying with her father, and is expected to recover from her physical injuries.

Police have yet to reveal a possible motive for the suspected murder-suicide.

Paying tribute to the twins, who were about to begin 10th grade, friend Daniel Alencastro told Fox 2: ‘One had a peppy, soft voice. ‘And one was really loving and caring. They would always give you a hug.’

My view: It's so sad and terrible, maybe she was depressed.

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