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Khloe Kardashian shares heavily filtered snaps of baby True as that's the designer filtered baby

Khloe Kardashian, 34, has shared filtered pictures of her daughter True.

The reality star took to Snapchat on Thursday sharing heavily filtered images of True, who she shares with her 27-year-old boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

See pictures and video below:

My view: That's the designer filtered baby Khloe Kardashian wants in her head, but that's not her daughter's real face why is she ashamed of her own child and if cosmetic surgeons were allowed to work on babies, I'm sure filter and photoshop obsessed Khloe would have her daughter True at the front of the queue, as she appears not to be grateful with the child God has given her, if True could talk she would maybe ask her mother Khloe Kardashian to seriously get help. remember she revealed that she wanted a boy because of her close bond with Kourtney's gorgeous son Mason. Khloe and Kylie always photoshop their babies eyes and use filter. There's absolutely nothing wrong with True, she looks like Khloe and Tristan, that's just the truth, so stop using filter to change her eyes, nose and lovely cheeks. same goes for Kylie Jenner.

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