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Investigation launched into ‘nursery from hell’ where children are ‘tied up’ in cots

Culled from Metro

Officials have launched an investigation into a ‘kindergarten from hell’ where the hands and legs of children are allegedly bound so they cannot move, Metro reported.

Newly appointed nursery assistant Natalia Dyachenko acted as a whistleblower to reveal the scandal in Russia which has horrified parents.

Children are reportedly laid two in each cot with their legs tied by disposable nappies.

Their hands were also tethered with diapers behind their backs under their clothing – as if they were in straightjackets.

In one case, a boy had tethering around his neck ‘so he could easily suffocate’, she said. '

Shocking pictures from the former nursery worker at privately-run Polinka kindergarten in Astrakhan show how the children aged around two were tethered.

A full-scale investigation by detectives is now underway after parents expressed outrage at revelations from the former worker.

Dyachenko, 20, filmed a video, explaining: ‘These two children are tied and will stay tethered till 3.30 pm.

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‘This boy, standing in the bed, was tied up. He had a knot on his neck, so he could easily have suffocated.

‘The kindergarten assistants do not care, they are chilling somewhere.

‘I do not know how to explain this, you need to see this to understand it.’

Mother Olesya Urzhumova put her daughter into the kindergarten but quickly felt her child’s reluctance to go each day.

‘During the first week, I began to notice changes in her mood as soon as we approached the kindergarten – she was whining and crying’, she said.

Then Olesya was informed by a mutual friend that the whistleblower had taken a picture of her daughter bound in her cot in the nursery school. ‘There were 12 to 15 children in the room’, she said.

‘They lay in cots, two in each. The children’s legs were tied with disposable nappies. There were large knots on their legs and their hands were wrapped around their backs.’

She rushed to the nursery to collect her daughter – and by then the kindergarten’s lawyer Igor Borisovich was already present.

He refused to answer her and a furious father on why their children had been tied up, she said.

'I could've died': Girl pushed 60ft from bridge by 'friend' speaks out ‘I called the kindergarten owner and angrily asked why they swaddled my child,’ she said.

‘And why do they tie her legs? To which she could not give me a clear answer.’

Another parent called it a ‘kindergarten from hell’.

Later the lawyer told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper: ‘We do not swaddle the children and we have enough beds for everyone.

‘(Natalia) specially arranged everything so as to raise a scandal. We have fired her. ‘Now with the parents we will decide what to do next and how to restore our reputation.

‘This is not the first attack on us, but the harshest. I am sure that the competent authorities will understand the situation.’

He accused Dyachenko of seeking to ‘discredit’ the kindergarten.

But Yulia Svitina, an official from the state prosecutor’s office of Astrakhan region, confirmed an investigation was underway into the evidence gathered by the former nursery worker.

Detailed checks were being carried out and staff quizzed over the revelations, she said.

Scroll down for video

My view: This is so bad, the footage is shocking to watch, what's wrong with the human race?, why are some people so evil?.

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