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Furious Coleen Rooney blasts about plane passenger who complained his family were moved on a Jet2 fl

Culled from Daily Mail

Coleen Rooney has slammed a passenger who claimed his family were relegated to seats next to the toilets on a flight back from Portugal, Daily Mail reported.

Mark Cassin, 51, paid a total of £2,735 for return flight from Manchester Airport to Faro in Portugal for a family holiday - including £60 to secure their preferred seats.

The father-of-one was stunned to find he had been moved when a member of cabin crew allegedly told him that his party had been moved to accommodate another group of passengers, which included someone who was a celebrity, someone called Colleen Rooney and her party.

But the wife of millionaire footballer Wayne Rooney, has taken to social media and in a Twitter rant insists she was given the seats on check-in and told Mr Cassin to 'get a life.'

Pictured L-R, Tom Cassin, 75, Mark Cassin, 51, and Joshua Cassin, 15 on holiday. Mark Cassin paid extra for pre-booked seats for him and five family members

In the first of a series of tweets Coleen says: 'First of all this is the first I know about the situation .... I was given these seats on check in Ana that was that. I didn’t ask for certain seats just took what I was given.'

The mother-of-four continues with her astonishing rant saying she is being made to look like a diva and tells Mr Cassin to 'get a life'.

Mr Cassin claims when boarded their flight, they were shocked to discover they had been moved to the back of the plane - right outside the toilets.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney walk with their son Kai, after Wayne shows his family the new Audi field Stadium today (August 10) - the first time they have been seen together since Coleen's plane saga

Mr Cassin went on holiday along with Lynn, his son Joshua, 15, dad Tom, 75, Lynn's sister Kathryn Pullar, 48, and her partner Richard Townend, 45.

He did not suggest that Mrs Rooney knew about this or had any part in the decision for them to be moved.

Mother-of-four Coleen was spotted with her children in Portugal two weeks before Mark's flight back to Manchester.

A source has denied Coleen Rooney asked for anyone to be moved seats and she sat in the seat she was allocated by the airline.

He claims staff on the flight had to constantly spray air freshener around them to try and hide the stench.

Furious at the decision, Mark complained to a flight attendant onboard who revealed the move was to accommodate a celebrity - Coleen Rooney and her party.

While they made no official comment, it is understood Coleen and her crew are saying that they merely sat in their allocated seats on the flight.

There is no suggestion Mrs Rooney asked for Mark's family to be moved.

Mark has since launched a complaint with Jet2 saying being seated outside 'next to stinky toilets' made a 'very unhappy ending to a pleasant vacation'.

My view: How come Coleen Rooney didn't pay for a private jet, with all her husband's millions? Why go cheap with jet 2, when you have all the money in the world?

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