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Kim Kardashian shared a racy picture on Instagram just minutes after her younger sister Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself cuddled up to her daughter Stormi, ahead of her 21st birthday. And Kim was having fun on August 8 in a tiny white bikini jumping on a trampoline as she relaxed with a friend.

One footage shows Kim blasting Tyga’s song “Taste,” in the background of her snap. Kim's Fans were kind of confused – as they wondered why she was showing love to Kylie's ex-boyfriend?

So why did Kim share a racy picture almost showing her private part in a thong bikini just minutes after her sister posted a picture of herself cuddled up to her daughter Stormi? is Kim competing with Kylie or is she jealous that her sister has completely eclipsed her?

I think Kim KW is in shock of what Kylie has managed to achieve and it was very easy for Kylie as Kim's beautiful face, her fabulous curves and her sextape set the path to Kylie's billion empire. Also while Kim was busy posting naked pictures and spreading her legs showing her private parts to the world, her younger sister was busy strategising the best marketing campaign and packaging for her cosmetics brand. Even though people have accused Kylie of copying other brands but her packaging is better than some of them.

See reaction from fans below:

"You think Kylie noticed that @KimKardashian was playing @Tyga on her Snapchat post"

My view: I don't think that Kim is jealous of Kylie, she's just in shock of her younger sister's success and she doesn't know how to deal with it, instead she shares racy pictures showing her private part, and Kim wears boring grey and black clothes, she was very interesting before she got married to Kanye West and there's just no way she can compete with Kylie despite the fact that Kim is beautiful with or without makeup or plastic surgery, Kylie is still very young and she knows the right picture to post at the perfect time. I hope she doesn't display her private part to the public like Kim, she should let Kim do that for her while she makes the billions. But Tyga is way better than Travis Scott and there's nothing wrong with Kim enjoying Tyga's song, the song is good.

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