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Watch: Theresa May's socially awkward curtsy to Prince William at Battle of Amiens service

Culled from News Australian

Theresa May's socially awkward curtsy to Prince William has people cringing. The greeting took place as the Prime Minister welcomed the Duke of Cambridge at an event in

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It was just as well the Duke of Cambridge gripped the Prime Minister’s hand to steady her at a service to mark the centenary of the Battle of Amiens.

A snap of the pair shows Theresa May locked in an awkward position, looking like she was about to topple over as she made a very deep, unpolished curtsy in front of the royal.

Mrs May and Prince William paid tribute to the bravery of troops who fought in the Battle of Amiens at the event, which was staged exactly 100 years since the start of the offensive.

However, while greeting the Duke of Cambridge at the event the PM nearly scraped a knee on the paving as she lunged deeply, in a painful-looking maneouvre.

As the following photographs show, it is not the first time Mrs May has struggled while performing a curtsy for him and other royals

Scroll down for video

Scroll down and watch Theresa May's strange curtsy to Prince William

My view: Theresa May has done nothing wrong, she's showing respect but she should have done it in an elegant way that befits a Prime Minister, I don't get why some people say she looks too subservient, she has to follow the rules, people should give her breathing space for crying out loud.

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