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Under attack: French president Emmanuel Macron and his PM accused of snubbing his home city refuse

Culled from Express

Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte are enjoying their summer holidays (Image: GETTY )

Mr Macron was conspicuously absent when dignitaries gathered to pay tribute to the fallen, despite Amiens being hometown to both him and his wife Brigitte.

Rather than honouring those who took part in the 1918 battle that ultimately led to the end of the Great War, the couple instead chose to remain on holiday sunbathing in the French Riviera.

Referring to Mr Macron and his prime minister Edouard Philippe, who also stayed away, French MP Jacques Myard tweeted that it was proof “of their historical ignorance, a diplomatic fault”, adding that Britain was “our greatest military ally”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were also dragged into the bitter row after they did not attend, despite the French having been sure they would be at Amiens Cathedral yesterday.

Like most of his fellow countrymen Mr Myard was under the impression Prince Harry would join “numerous Allied and German personalities” taking part in a service. Not only was Harry’s old cavalry regiment the Blues and Royals present at the key Battle of Amiens, but locals were convinced Meghan would want to be there.

But a spokesman for Amiens town council said: ‘We don’t know why Meghan and Prince Harry aren’t coming. Initially, they were coming but the Crown cancelled their appearance.”

Offering a clumsy apology for Mr Macron’s absence Brigitte Foure, the mayor of Amiens, said: “I think that for the British, the date of August 8 is an extremely important one but it does not escape us that August 8 is in the middle of the hollow period in French political life.

“Our government has been on holiday for a while and this may not have been the best time for us to have senior officials in Amiens.”

My view: What do people expect from president Macron, who behaves like a childish toyboy enjoying holiday with his sugar-wifemummy, instead of him attending the service in his own backyard, to pay respect to those that sacrificed their lives for him to be who he is today, that's why his poll numbers are plumenting, what a total shame. He prefers visiting Trump where he can showboat his childish image and Trump on the other hand treats him like a busboy. As for Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, they have done nothing wrong by not attending, as Prince William represented the Royal family very well, Kate is a lovely person and she's taking care of her baby and it's nice that Meghan didn't attend as she would have been the newsmaker showboating her PDA and smooching with her husband Harry, as Meghan don't know when to hold back, always acting for the camera, as she never stopped acting, I like her though, for what she has achieved within 2-years of meeting Prince Harry, as not every woman that'll clock 40 in three years is able to lie that they don't have a family and pull that off to the altar, she's absolutely great.

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