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Man accused of killing Samantha Eastwood ‘left cowering in his jail cell’ after being battered while

Culled from The Sun

Midwife murder suspect Michael Stirling was left cowering in his jail cell after being battered while on remand, The Sun reported.

The attack at Dovegate jail, Staffordshire, came hours before his court hearing over the killing of Samantha Eastwood.

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Michael Stirling, accused of murdering Samantha Eastwood, was left cowering in his jail cell after being battered while on remand

Samantha Eastwood's body was found eight days after she went missing after leaving work at Royal Stoke University Hospital

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Sources say Stirling suffered cuts and bruises in Tuesday’s assault and was moved to another part of the prison soon after.

A source said Stirling, 32, was left “on his knees” by the attack.

They added: “It was a proper beating. He came into the jail after his arrest and was terrified. A prisoner came to his cell and attacked him.”

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Stirling — the brother-in-law of Samantha’s ex-fiance — was well enough to appear at Stafford crown court via videolink yesterday.

Eyes taped, body stuffed in a duvet and dumped in a grave — midwife's horrifying end

CCTV footage issued by Staffordshire Police which shows missing midwife Samantha Eastwood, left, leaving work

MIDWIFE Samantha Eastwood’s body was found in a shallow grave with masking tape over her face and eyes, a court heard.

She had been wrapped in a single duvet before being dumped in a rural Stoke lane — where floral tributes have since been laid.

Officials said there was no evidence Samantha had been shot or stabbed and it will take six months for pathologists to offer an official cause of death.

The graphic details of the midwife’s killing were revealed at Stafford crown court yesterday as Michael Stirling, 32, stood accused of her murder.

Stirling was told to appear in court in October to give a plea and a February trial date was set.

Samantha went missing on July 27 having finished work at the Royal Stoke University Hospital at 7.45am. A pal raised the alarm when she was not back after 7pm for her night shift.

It sparked a massive police search and the midwife’s body was found eight days later.

Stirling — the brother-in-law of Samantha’s ex-fiance John Peake, 34 — was arrested and charged.

Scroll down and watch Samantha's last moment leaving the hospital

Samantha’s younger sister Gemma visited her home on Monday to take away some of the flowers and tributes left by NHS pals, neighbours and well-wishers.

In a statement, the family thanked “all the people who followed Samantha’s story and tried their best to help”.

A fund set up by friend Beth Taylor to cover the funeral costs had last night raised more than £11,500.

My view: This evil coward of a man deserved the treatment he got from the other prisoners. He's in prison sleeping in a nice bed, while Samantha Eastwood that he brutally murdered and dumped in a graveyard is in a mortuary. Honestly the government should set up a prisoner swap system, whereby they swap hardened prisoners who are serving life for murder in UK with prisoners who were jailed for minor crimes/ non-violent offences from a country where the prison system isn't full of luxury, like Kirikiri prison in Lagos Nigeria, so that monsters like Michael Stirling would experience what real prison feels like, swap them for 3-years, it'll discourage potential killers and criminals from committing gruesome act like this, they're enjoying in prisons here in the UK. If you read how the nurse was killed, it'll completely break your heart to pieces.

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