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Mum set on fire by monster neighbour reveals nine-year-old daughter's reaction when she first sa

Culled from Mirror

A young mum left scarred from head-to-toe after being doused in petrol and set alight by a neighbour has spoken out for the first time since the horrific attack, Mirror reported.

Kirsten Ashby was left with no finger tips, no ears and layers of her skin on her face melted away.

The 27-year-old's injuries were so severe her face was left unrecognisable from the third degree burns, which she said made her feel like a monster as people stare at her in the street.

Kirsten said she nearly died in hospital, until she saw her daughter Madison, nine, in a dream while she was in an induced coma.

She came out of the coma after four weeks - but she still wasn't allowed to see nine-year-old Maddison for a few more weeks - and when she did her little girl was too scared to touch her.

She told TalkRadio: "She kept on looking at my hands, my arms and my skin. So I said to her, 'Do you want to stroke my arm? It feels like a lizard.'

"At first she was, 'No, no, no.' She was afraid of hurting me. It took her a couple of visits."

Raymond Bowen was jailed for 19 years over the attack in April which was extended to life by the Court of Appeal because the sentence was considered too lenient (Image: INS News Agency Ltd)

Kirsten had been drinking wine with friend Lauren Russell on November 17 last year when Lauren felt unwell.

Kirsten tried to help by calling an ambulance but Lauren's boyfriend Raymond Bowen reacted by throwing petrol over her.

Kirsten said he stood smoking a cigarette as he lit the flammable liquid with a lighter and "looked smug" as she was set ablaze.

Bowen was jailed for 19 years over the attack in April which was extended to life by the Court of Appeal because the sentence was considered too lenient .

Recalling the horror, Kirsten added: "I was running my hands through my hair, trying to get the fire out. Then I just remember falling down on my knees.

"I couldn't run out of the door to get water because the two kids were standing there.

'And I couldn't run to the other side of the room because he had spilled alcohol over the floor. If I'd have been there the whole flat could have gone up. "

The next time she opened her eyes she saw her neighbours and two "big yellow blobs" - which were actually policemen.

She didn't wake up again until she was in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

She didn't recognise herself when she eventually looked in the mirror.

"It was awful but I kind of shut off, she said. "I'm quite numb to it. So I'm sure that I've still got quite a lot of emotion to go through."

After 11 weeks she was able to see her daughter, but it wasn't until May that she could leave the hospital to live with her parents Lynn and Paul Ashby and Madison at their home in Milton Keynes, in Buckinghamshire

She has had to have several operations to start rebuilding her face and body since the horror attack and has been left feeling "itchy" and emotionally numb."

She said she has suffered burns to her hands, arms, chest, half of her back and her face.

She has had to have skin grafts taken from both of her legs to replace the skin, which has left her in a lot of pain and in and out of bandages as her skin keeps breaking down.

She says children and adult stare at her now, but she has bravely learnt to live with it.

Her parents previously said they were told to expect the worst as she was not expected to survive the horrific ordeal.

They described her as a "stubborn soul" and her recovery, much of which had been in isolation due to the risk of contracting an infection, was a slow and painful process.

Mrs Ashby said she was kept in bandages from head to toe as skin had been taken from other areas of her body in a bid to graft onto her face and torso.

Kirsten had also had all her fingers amputated leaving her unable to feed herself or take care of her own very basic needs.

Mrs Ashby said: "She went there to help, yet what this man did ruined her life and changed our family's life forever.

"My lovely daughter was unrecognisable. She had no face - it was all burned away.

"After the attack my daughter was unrecognisable. Her face was burned away. Her ears were gone.

"They took skin from the rest of her body to graft onto the burns. They took so much skin that she was in bandages from her neck to her ankles for a long time."

Speaking of Maddison she said: "She's been really brave and says her mummy is her superhero. But it's had an effect. She still has nightmares at night. We all do - and I think we always will.

Father-of-five Bowen admitted a single charge of attempted murder on November 17 last year, and blew kisses to his girlfriend from the dock as he was sentenced by a judge at Luton Crown Court.

A GoFundMe page set up for the Ashby family to help with Kirsten's extra care cost, has now reached £31,000 of its £35,000 target.

Kirsten said the amount raised is "incredible" and she is trying to remain positibe about the future.

She said: "I know from the experience to live every day to the max. Do anything that you want to do. Now I'm getting my dad up in a helicopter. I just decided that I want to do it."

My view: Why are human beings so cruel to each other? How can you hate someone that much, it's beyond evil, this is the type of case that calls for the death penalty, some people are so wicked, what sort of person in their right mind would be with such a piece of low life scum.

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