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Kylie Jenner shared her birthday celebratory picture and captioned, 'PARTY TIME WITH MY GIRLS BECAUSE THE BIRTHDAY COLLECTION LAUNCHES IN 1 HOUR!,' she exclaimed.

The reality star and cosmetics mogul will turn 21 on Friday 10th of August

See pictures and video below:

See reaction below:

I agree ain’t no way no wonder she super rich with these prices

If anyone buys this your stupid af 😂😭

I can afford it but its not the value she sells it’s for AT ALL 🐑🚫

If 10k buy the bundle she’ll make 4mil lol... I still can’t get my friends to buy clothes from my boutique 😂

Just gimmi for free bruh 😩

Kinda cheap looking

One fan wrote, "I truly don’t and never will understand why people are so obsessed with her. She says she wants a normal life? Well okay, there’s sooo many things she could’ve done differently. It’s ok though.. she will die off slowly, just like an other celebrity, until a new “hotter” or actually inspiring person comes along."

even when she has “discounts” they’re not really “discounts”.

When you run out of ideas so you use your birthday as an excuse for people to buy colors you’ve already released. Smh. The sad part is you know people will actually spend money on this. Truly disappointed.

@jeffreestar did it better hunny

Kylie's daughter Stormi, pictured, without her face, Kylie said she is protecting her, because of alleged kidnap threat, but it seems it is because some people wrote mean and negative comment about the little

My view: I don't get why some of her fans are complaining about the high price, Kylie is trying to reach the $1billion mark, so she needs your support just as you've all been then for her product, she's offering her special 21st pack with her photographed face in all the packs, so you can look at the great pictures whilst using her makeup kit. She's not forcing anyone to buy them, if you love her so much and you want her to be a billionaire just buy the pack, but if you can't afford it then go and buy Mac or KIKO or go to Walmart. Kylie is trying to be her age on the inside with the display of pinky colored room balloon display, but she looks 43 on the outside Some of her fans also complain that their comments are being deleted, well the girl is a marketing genius for allegedly deleting the comments, as she doesn't want others to read them and stop them from buying the outrageously expensive makeup pack, if you're in love with her last name then go and buy it. But why delete thousands of your fans comments, don't you want to hear their feedback?

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