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Imran Khan: Pakistan leader vows to take back ‘LOOTED’ money in UK

Culled from Express

Mr Khan, the former international cricketer, told the British ambassador he promised to take back funds that were embezzled by Pakistan officials and kept in Britain, in a bid to eradicate corruption in his government, Express reported.

He told Thomas Drew, the British ambassador for Pakistan that his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insad, was determined to bring back the “looted money from public institutions” taken to Britain.

On July 26, Mr Khan was elected as Pakistan's Prime Minister, after PTI won 109 of the 269 seats being contested in the country's National Assembly.

Marred by violence and allegations of fraud, Mr Khan's party fell short of a parliamentary majority.

Mr Khan will form a coalition after failing to secure 137 votes needed in order to declare an overall majority.

The Prime Minister was elected after pledging to end corruption in the government, which has escalated since Pakistan gained independence from Britain in 1947.

Mr Khan aims to exploit UK anti-corruption laws in order to seize property and other assets gained in stolen funds.

The PTI vowed to bring down dynastic political families that steal money from public bodies, sending it abroad through illegal transactions.

During his election campaign, Mr Khan used former Pakistan prime minister, Nawaz Sharif's scandal as leverage for his anti-corruption drive.

In 2016, Panama Papers revealed that three of Mr Sharif's children owned several offshore companies and even owned luxury flats in Park Lane, central London which were not shown on his family's wealth statement.

The companies, identified as three British Virgin Islands-based companies - Nescoll Ltd, Nielsen Enterprises Ltd and Hangon Property Holdings Ltd - were used to channel funds to acquire foreign assets, according to claims within the papers.

In July last year, Mr Sharif was expelled from office by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and imprisoned for 10 years, after he was unable to explain how he managed to purchase four luxury flats in London, worth over £8million.

My view: Some politicians are so greedy, it's like they go into politics just to steal from the people they serve, they're heartless and they just don't care about the poor, goodluck to Mr Khan for his fight against corruption.

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