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Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha insists the Duchess is not flying to the US to reconcile wi

Culled from The Sun

Reports over the weekend suggested advisers to Prince Harry were finally attempting to re-establish contact with Thomas Markle but they are said to be unfounded, The Sun reported.

The Sun reports that, Neither Meghan Markle nor her royal flunkies have reached out to her father to try and heal a growing rift, her half-sister has revealed.

Weekend reports suggested advisers to Prince Harry are finally attempting to re-establish contact with Thomas Markle.

Meghan’s dad, 74, had given a string of damaging media interviews after she and the royals completely cut all contact.

But last night Samantha told The Sun: “I speak to him every day and it’s sad but, no, they have not contacted him.

"The PR machines can stop trying to make out she’s making an effort — she is not.

“This is a heartbreaking time for him and I’m very sad watching my sister ignore him.”

Samantha, 53, estranged from Meghan since 2015, said she hadn’t seen “anything so cold in my life”.

She also said that Meghan, 37, shouldn’t claim to be a humanitarian.

She said: “They work towards resolve and peace.

"But my sister disposed of the entire family.

"There is no way to candy coat something so foul.

"What would Gandhi, Mother Teresa or the Pope say about that?

“Copying Diana‘s fashion savvy does not make her like Diana.”

My view: I don't get how Meghan can say she's a humanitarian while at the same time snubbing her Dad and her half sister who's disabled and even the African-American side of her family, but Samantha Markle isn't a saint herself, she's suffering from verbal diarrhea, as she has been slamming Meghan. I hope Meghan's PR machine are not deliberately saying Meghan will visit her father for reconciliation, just to seek for public sympathy, while she continues to play the victim card. Or maybe Meghan will meet with her Dad but Thomas Markle is playing a smart game not to tell Samantha, so she won't reveal it to the media. It'll be a surprise visit and I don't think Meghan wants the ugly family fight to continue. Meghan should go and hug her father and take care of him before she travels to Africa and hug the kids for photo-op. Solve your family problem before you go out to help others, so that your humanitarian credentials will look credible. All the poor kids around the world would love to have a father like Meghan Markle's Dad who made her what she is today, and it was Meghan herself that gave series of interviews praising her father. Meghan praised her father for investing “blood, sweat and tears” to support her in pursuing her dreams and described herself as a “daddy’s girl”. All of a sudden since she became a posh Duchess her father is now an evil man for talking to the press after he was snubbed for staging fake pictures.

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