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Cops called after Kendall Jenner's Dog reportedly bit a little girl

Police were called after Kendall Jenner's dog allegedly bit a little girl at a restaurant in Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

The online publication reports Kendall and her boyfriend Ben Simmons were seated on the patio outside the restaurant when the Doberman Pinscher bit the child.

The staff at the restaurant reportedly gave the girl ice for her injury, although there were no visible puncture wounds.

A source told TMZ, a mother and her young daughter were eating on the patio of the restaurant -- where Kendall and Ben were also seated -- when for some reason her harnessed dog nipped the girl. Sources say there were no obvious puncture wounds from the bite, so the deli's staff simply administered ice from inside for her injury.

A source told the gossip website that, when the mother came back outside to confront Kendall and Ben, they'd already paid their bill and vanished -- leaving behind no contact info or note.

As a result, sources told TMZ 911 was called. The police department referred the case to Animal Control.

Paramedics were not required for the girl's injuries, TMZ reported.

My view: I don't believe it was serious, as Kendall and her boyfriend Ben would have stayed behind, anything to do with Kardashian- Jenner clan is overhyped.

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