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WATCH: Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa calls for unity as opposition cries foul says election result is

Culled from News24

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called for unity in the wake of allegations his election victory was tainted by fraud, hailing the vote as a fresh start for the country after the repressive rule of Robert Mugabe, News24 reported.

As defeated opposition leader Nelson Chamisa decried the official results as a sham, Mnangagwa, a former Mugabe ally, defended the vote.

"With the eyes of the world on us we delivered a free, fair and credible election," Mnangagwa told reporters on Friday.

He added that while "no democratic process is flawless", Zimbabwe's first post-Mugabe election was a far cry from the fraud-tainted polls seen during Mugabe's 37 years in power.

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His plea for unity came after allegations of foul play sparked a deadly crackdown on protesters in Harare on Wednesday when troops opened fire, killing six.

'Fraudulent, illegal, illegitimate'

Mnangagwa, who is seeking to end Zimbabwe's international isolation and attract badly needed foreign investment, said he would set up an independent commission to investigate the bloodshed.

The United States on Friday said the election was marred by violence in the aftermath of the vote and called on the winner to show "magnanimity" and the opposition to show "graciousness in defeat".

Final results showed Mnangagwa won 50.8% of Monday's vote against Chamisa's 44.3% - a knife-edge 0.8% above the threshold needed to avoid a run-off.

But Chamisa has insisted he was the winner of an election he condemned as "fraudulent, illegal, illegitimate".

"We are not accepting fake results," he said, vowing to challenge the results through the courts.

'Open for business'

Mnangagwa stretched out a hand to Chamisa, telling him: "You have a crucial role to play in Zimbabwe's present and in its unfolding future."

Mnangagwa was allegedly involved in state violence during the 2008 elections when then opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai pulled out of the run-off after at least 200 of his supporters were killed in attacks.

Apart from Mugabe, who ruled with an iron fist since independence from Britain in 1980 until last year, he is the only president that Zimbabwe has known.

Chosen to lead the Zanu-PF party in November after the brief military intervention that deposed Mugabe, Mnangagwa had promised a free and fair vote to turn the page on years of brutal repression.

Mugabe left Zimbabwe's economy in disastrous shape, presiding over the seizure of white-owned farms and hyperinflation, and Mnangagwa has made investment a priority.

"Zimbabwe is now open for business," he told reporters. "We want to leapfrog and catch up with other developing countries."

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My view: The opposition leader Nelson Chamisa doesn't have charisma at all, no wonder he lost the election and now is crying me a river. If you don't have that WOW THING!! that'll make people look at you and say yes, this man will help me with a job, will help put food on my dinning table they'll never vote for you, but if you have charisma and you can lie and sell yourself like a politician then they'll vote for, maybe he won't be crying foul now. The people that didn't vote for you don't want to waste their energy to queue for an hour to vote for a light weight. Even corrupt Grace Mugabe would thrash this guy in an election, he just doesn't have it and you can't win a small area in Zimbabwe and expect to win the presidential election. Unfortunately Trump has closed his scam University where people learn how to do well in business and have the WOW THING, maybe the opposition leader should phone Trump and ask him how to win a presidential election. I don't believe the election was rigged, Nelson Chamisa should just accept defeat and move on. The opposition party should change their leader Chamisa, because he's just not good enough, he'll lose againg come next election, if he didn't win this time how is he going to win if he should face a new challenger when Emmerson Mnangagwa retires.

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