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Kim Kardashian shares picture of her cute daughter Chicago West and with Khloe's baby daughter T

On Friday, Kim Kardashian,37, shared a picture of her daughter Chicago and Khloe's daughter True as they enjoyed playing together.

The reality star captioned the photo of Chicago and True with: 'Best friends for life!,' adding a heart emoji.

See pictues below:

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Kim wished Khloe a happy birthday on Instagram with a picture of them with their daughters.

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My vew: It seems Kim Kardashian loves it when her cute daughter Chicago is being compared to Khloe's baby girl True, that's why she delibrately made the children pose with just their faces for the camera. Kim likes competition and she enjoys competing with her sisters, because she knows she is the beautiful one amongst all of them, with or without makeup and plastic surgery and they all want to look like her. So, the picture of Chicago and True that Kim posted is not about 'bestfriends for life', it's about comparism, Kim shared the picture so fans can say her daughter is the cute one and beautiful. Kim is so playing the game very well, as she did in a similar picture during Khloe's birthday when she posted an unfiltered picture of herself, Khloe and their kids, Chicago and True wishing Khloe happy birthday and 99.1% of her fans commented positively about Chicago being the beautiful baby and now she's doing exact same thing and Khloe is buying into the so called 'friends for life' cover-up. Recall back in 2011 when their show was real not the staged stuff they now do, Kim brutally and honestly lashed out at her sister Khloe, calling her ugly ... “an evil ugly little troll,” adding her sister was spiteful and jealous of her life, because Khloe disturbed her sleep. “It’s so rude to wake me up out of my sleep when I had an alarm set, please get out,” Kim snapped. Later on during a phone conversation with Kourtney, Kim lashed out at her sister Khloe for not letting her sleep. Kim shouted through the phone, “Khloe barged in here and woke me the f*ck up… I’ve been working 18 hours a day!” Khloe barked back saying, “Honestly there are bigger things to complain about.” Kourtney hung up on Kim, saying she’s just pissed she’s married to a barking dog, referring to Kris Humphries! However, this didn’t make the soon-to-be divorced Kim very happy, because she began texting Khloe all types of nasty messages. According to Khloe, Kim called her “an evil ugly little troll,” adding her sister was spiteful and jealous of her life. “It’s crazy that she thinks that way, but also sad,” Khloe said in closing. Khloe should wake up and smell the coffee, because your lovely sister Kim is playing a nasty game with the picture that just showed the faces of Chicago and True for comparism, and she got what she wanted. No wonder Kourtney called her "evil human being" in new clip of KUWTK. To be fair to Kim she's the face of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, forget about Kylie being a potential billionaire, her own show flopped because she was boring in her reality show but she post interesting pictures on Instagram, as they are all trying to look like Kim KW.

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