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Khloe Kardashian, 34, has endured her fair share of people criticising her over the years.

And the reality star stood behind moms shamed for their weight in a series of blasting tweets on Tuesday night.

But the fact is, Khloe is not proud of her looks, as she is always using filter and liquify photoshop to alter her facial features, just like this picture she shared on Instagram on Tuesday and captioned 'Not an Ad' and her fans say that the picture looks like Kim.

The only time fans get to see their real pictures is when paparrazi take them, just like the picture of Kylie in Paris and Khloe in camoflage and the one she was spotted with her baby at the park in Cleveland

Khloe pictured with her baby in a park in Cleveland

Weird Paparazzi photo taken in Paris, that made Kylie changed her mind back to using lips-filler, you just wonder if she'll make $1million per post using her real face.

The reality star appeared uncomfortable with displaying her strange lips without fillers

Kylie Jenner attempted to keep her natural face covered, while in London in 2017

See Khloe's tweets below:

'Completely over mommy/body shamers!' began the 34-year-old reality TV star.

My view: The problem with Khloe is that she's insecured about her face and body and when she reads any negative comment she quickly claps back, which makes her look weak. She tried to morph herself into Kim in the picture, as she doesn't like her manly face, that's why she used liquify photoshop to completely alter her face into angelic Kim's face and it backfired because everyone says it's photoshop and it looks like Kim. The only way that Khloe can look like Kim is by using liquify photoshop, because her real face doesn't even come close, especially her cheekbones, and no cosmetic surgeon can change Khloe and Kylie into Kim, so they both use liquify photoshop for their pictures after their heavy makeup. Khloe is the one that invites criticisms to her self because she constantly and indirectly tells her followers that she doesn't like her look and that of her daughter True, by using filter and liquify photoshop for the strange pictures she shares on social media. The best defense to comment you don't like about yourself is to develop a thick skin. ... You don't have to invite these people to your dinner parties, but you should let them comment as they make your page interesting.

As for her clap back to bodyshamers, Khloe is kind of advising mothers who are finding it difficult to lose their body weight not to compare themselves with others?", well we all know that the Kardashians and Jenner used magic belt and Tea to lose their baby weight, if you believe them. Unfortunately for them Kanye said during his TMZ rant that he used liposuction to get rid of his body fat and Rob Kardashian revealed that he paid $100,000 so his ex girlfriend Blac Chyna could have a perfect body after having their baby. So if these two men say these things, you can imagine what the Kardashian and Jenner women are doing to their body, then they pretend to use belt trainer, vigorous workout and detox tea to lose weight and the thing is, their fans don't believe them because they know they're all lying and the advertisers waste their $1million for absolutely nothing. And some fans praise them that they're the most beautiful people in the world and the sisters believe it especially Kylie and Khloe. Kim posted an unfiltered birthday picture featuring herself, Khloe and their daughters on her Instagram account. Kim new exactly what she was doing when she shared that picture, she clearly wanted her fans to compare both of them and their kids True and Chicago and her followers gave negative response about Khloe and her daughter, because Kim exposed the real Khloe without filter and photoshop.

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