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Thomas Markle opened up to the Mail on Sunday, admitting he took drugs when he was raising Meghan, but hasn't taken recreational drugs "for more than 20 years.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Meghan's father said : 'I don't do drugs [now], haven't for more than 20 years.'

Meghan's half-sister Samantha said her father is now 'upstanding' and 'doesn't do recreational drugs'.

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Samantha told The Mirror that Hollywood - where her father worked as a lighting technician - was full of people doing drugs.

She said: 'In the 60s, 70s and 80s for most people I know in America it was a cultural thing to smoke marijuana.

'Most people did. I'm sure people like The Beatles smoked pot when they were on tour. It was a sign of the times.

'I don't think my father is the only one who can ever have been condemned for having done that. He was never regularly doing it, he never smelt of it and I've never seen my father smoke it.

'But certainly my father has never taken cocaine or any other drugs like that. He didn't have the mentality for it.'

She added: 'If he had been a drug addict he wouldn't have been successful for 40 years in a highly technical job, no way.'

Samantha Markle

My view: It's so sad that Meghan Markle is letting her family drag the Royal family into their mess, and even mentioning Princess Diana's name, even the late Princess did a very powerful and emotional TV interview about her marriage and her life, Diana talked about love in the interview, she said "someone has to go out there and give love to people", which she did very well. So why can't Prince Harry go out there and give his father in-law love and end his wife's family feud. It's baffling how Prince Harry and Meghan have this huge humanitarian crisis right on their doorstep and yet they snub and ignore the crisis, while they preach humanitarian kindness and love to others, are they really showing love or they are just PDA-showboats and fame hungry power couple. You need to mend your father in-law's broken heart and take care of him financially. Prince Harry has made bad mistakes in the past, he was given, nobody is perfect and why don't you preach the love and kindness that late Princess Diana preached and gave selflessly to those suffering, not just shaking hands and posing for the camera, or travelling to Africa for charity events, why don't you ask the African children if they snub and ignore their parents, I don't get how Meghan Markle can go to Africa for charity and as a good role model while at the same time snubbing her own father that paid her private school fees, I'm sure that those children would love to have a father like Thomas Markle that'll pay their school fees and they won't need help from the Duchess of Sussex. What you're showing kids around the world is to snub, disrespect and cut-off their father if and when they make any mistake. Meghan, your humanitarian credentials will be taken seriously when you sort out your family and people won't see you as just designer wearing showboat. Do the right thing and call your father and stop being arrogant, you don't have to discuss any secret with him, just call him and say you love him that's what he wants, why are you so hard hearted?. And why is it that the Royal fab four are not extending their humanitarian love and kindness to Meghan's father, Jesus reached out his hand and touched man with leprosy, Immediately the leprosy left him, why are the Royal fab four not reaching out to Thomas? is it because he's not posh enough?. Some people call Mr Markle a mad man, and a celeb says he "sucks", ok if you believe that he's "mad and sucks", what's the treatment for someone with that problem?. Don't just criticise give solutions and solve the problem.

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