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Horror: Crocodile bites man's arm after he puts hand down its throat in front of horrified live

Culled from Mirror

An angry crocodile snapped back at its trainer by taking a bite of his arm after he put his hand down its throat in front of horrified spectators at a show in Thailand, Mirror reported.

The croc got its chops around the arm of reptile handler Tao, 45, who was performing a stunt at the Phokkathara zoo in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand on Sunday afternoon.

As the bandana-wearing zoo-keeper reached inside the animal's jaws, he began pushing deeper down the croc's throat, looking at the 100-strong audience and telling the announcer to stop the music.

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But the reptile struck back, suddenly chomping down and clamping its teeth around Tao's forearm before shaking him violently from side to side.

The performer was heard letting out an agonising howl before freeing himself and staggering away with blood dripping on the wet tiles.

The astonishing scene was captured by Khun Phusawit, 35, who had been visiting the Phokkathara Crocodile Farm and zoo with wife Nok and their two children.

Phusawit said: ''The show was very good until that happened. I hope that the man is OK and he gets better soon.

''Everybody was shocked when it happened. The kids were a little bit scared.

''I've watched the clip back many times to see how it happened and the crocodile seems to not like having the hand in his mouth.''

The owner of the crocodile park, Dong Wittawat, said today that the trainer who had been bitten was treated at the farm with bandaging to his arm.

Dong Wittawat said: ''The performer is fine. His name is Tao and he is 45. The crocodile does not have a name.

''He was treated at the farm with bandaging. He loves crocodiles and he will be working again soon in the next two weeks. It is very rare for this to happen.''

The Phokkathara Crocodile Farm includes a live show and houses dozens of different types of animals.

My view: You don't put your hand down an animal's throat and expect kindness and love in return, I am not surprised that the crocodile reacted violently, you don't just do that, what a dumb show. There’s no justification for turning the suffering of animals into a spectacle. Let the trainer ask someone to put their hand deep down his own throat so he can experience what he did to the crocodile. I don't get why people watch cruel shows like this?. it's not funny and entertaining, it's animal cruelty. There’s nothing funny about abusing animals and nothing “entertaining” about seeing animals imprisoned for life, forced to perform unnatural act that may result in injuries or even death. Yet there are some people that profit from cruelty towards animals in the name of entertainment.

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