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Multi-millionaire Kylie Jenner buys up every copy of her magazine covers from a newstand as no one w

Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi are bonding in a very unique way by going to a newsstand together to buy up all the copies of each magazine.

The 20-year-old hit up a nearby magazine stand on Friday with Stormi (and her BFF Jordyn Woods), and seemed pretty cool about the whole experience, or maybe it is a marketing strategy to attract her fans, so they can buy the magazine covers

Kylie said:

'Okay so me Stormi and Jordyn are going to the closest magazine stand ... for the Forbes situation,'

Here's Kylie and Stormi walking down the sidewalk as someone in the background says "This is normal! Everything's fine!"

Here's mother and daughter grabbing every single copy of Kylie's GQ cover with Travis Scott:

My view: Well, someone has to buy it. and that person is Kylie herself as she's a billionaire and after she'll brag that the magazine sold out in minutes. So did she allegedly pay for some of her 111million Instagram and her 25.2 million Twitter followers as well? Kylie dug herself a hole and you are making things worse by buying your magazine covers and showing them off publicly, as no-one wants them. Why should Kylie fans waste their money to buy the magazine covers when she can afford to buy all. What do they want to read that they have not read or seen before? Is it that her lips and cheekbones fillers is back on? It shows how desperate Kylie is to get to the one billion mark. The marketing strategy isn't working. The same reason why Life of Kylie was a complete flop, because she's boring, if she removes her makeup, eyelashes and fillers, her face is completely bland and boring. And the teenagers buying expensive low quality cosmetics product from some celebs would really have to wake up and smell the coffee, because some of these celebrities don't even use their own brand. We all know that some of them prefer cosmetics surgery and face fillers with good top designer makeup kit.

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