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Shock as university student is raped, killed in Kisumu’s Lolwe Estate

SDE reports that, Police in Kisumu have arrested a man suspected of raping and killing a 20-year-old university student and injuring her boyfriend.

The student's boyfriend was the suspect's half-brother.

According to SDE, The suspect is said to have been staying with the half-brother and the student in the same house at Lolwe Estate.

Police suspect that the arrested man stabbed his half-brother shortly after killing the girlfriend.

“The lady was the half-brother’s girlfriend. Reports indicate that he raped her before stabbing her several times in the chest, head and eyes. When his brother, who had stepped out, returned to the house, he was also stabbed,” said Kisumu Central OCPD Meshack Kiptum.

What triggered the attack was not immediately established.

Police said the suspect later dumped the body of the woman in a car belonging to his injured brother. The later was yesterday fighting for his life at a Kisumu hospital.

Neighbours reported hearing commotions from the suspect's house on Tuesday night, but say they were unable to intervene, SDE reported.

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