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Parking firm suspended for trying to fine paramedic outside Tesco (Video)

A parking enforcement firm has been suspended after one of its employees tried to issue a ticket to a paramedic who was parked on double yellow lines.

The warden was criticised when a video showed him attempting to put a fine on an ambulance outside Tesco Express, in Cheshire, on Tuesday.

The man refused to listen to the pleas of the paramedic who said she had no choice because the parking bay was not big enough and she did not want to use a disabled space.

‘I’ve been on since 6.45am this morning, I’ve had nothing to drink, nothing to eat,’ she said. ‘And now I’d like to go to Tesco to get some water.’

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The paramedic was not happy (Picture: SWNS)

London and Cambridge Properties (LCP), which owns the nearby land and car park, has now apologised for the actions of the warden and suspended patrols from Euro Parking Services, which it had hired to carry out enforcement.

A spokesperson for the firm said: ‘LCP supports all of our emergency services, and their staff and vehicles are regular visitors to our shopping centres and retail parades across the UK, where they are always welcome.

‘On this occasion, we do not agree with the parking officer’s interpretation of the parking restrictions relating to emergency vehicles.

A full review of the EPS contract will be undertaken at this site.

‘In the meantime all enforcement and patrols at Kingsmead Square have been stopped and EPS will not be visiting site again pending completion of the review.’

Euro Parking Services apologised personally to the paramedic and also donated to charity as a way of saying sorry.

The firm’s HR manager Adrian Nesbitt said: ‘It is a mistake on our part, we will contact the ambulance service to offer our apologies and put together a full training package to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

‘The ambulance service is very important to our community, we don’t want to hinder them and we’re very saddened by the situation.’

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Culled from Metro

My view: Some wardens are heartless, they just don't care, they'll give anything a parking ticket even a mosquito if they can find any in London. Ambulance staff are incredible, they're oncall 24/7, even when they're eating they have to leave their food to attend to an emergency. This warden is like a robot, maybe he'll never need an ambulance, he lacks common sense.

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