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Cash-strapped Katie Price sunk to new low in staged naked holiday snaps in Thailand in desperate bid

Katie Price, 40, is fully aware she is no longer a money-making machine she was after taking lewd images with her toyboy Kris Boyson, 29, on a Thai beach

Sinking to her knees while hauling down her toyboy lover’s trunks on a Thai beach, Katie Price hits rock bottom.

According to The Sun, The lewd images formed part of a set carefully ­choreographed by the fading reality star in an increasingly sad effort to revive her once lucrative career.

Other staged pictures from the jaunt with Kris Boyson, 29, saw her writhing nude on the sand and then grinding together at a hotel pool.

It was a cry for attention and for cash — because the 90s glamour girl once known as Jordan is no longer the money machine she was.

And as she enters her third bitter divorce battle, the 40-year-old mother of five faces the prospect of being left penniless.

Those close to her say a potential bankruptcy horrifies her after years of boasting of her business success and reported £45million fortune, The Sun reported.

As one put it: “She always felt that whatever anyone said about her, she could at least point to her huge income to shut them up. But even that is disappearing.”

And financial woes are not her only problem as she continues to wrangle with first husband Peter Andre over their children Junior, 13, and 11-year-old Princess.

Australian singer Peter, 45, has become alarmed by her wild lifestyle, and her latest explicit display — featuring her newly re-enhanced 32GG breasts — has ­furthered his resolve to keep the kids away from her.

Just weeks ago The Sun on Sunday revealed she has been using cocaine in a bid to cope with the breakdown of her five-year marriage to her third ­husband, stripper Kieran Hayler.

She told pals she had been “self-medicating” with the Class A drug after the 31-year-old’s cheating left their relationship in tatters.

Meanwhile, she has reportedly been forced to put her £2million home on the market, as well as selling belongings, her children’s clothes and even her pets.

Llamas are on sale for £2,000 a time, and prized horses have already fetched £7,000.

All are victim of her lavish ­lifestyle, messy divorce battles and endless legal wrangles with former lovers and friends.

Pals fear she has racked up so many debts there will be little change from the sale of the 12-acre property in Horsham, West Sussex, which costs £10,000 a month to maintain.

Footage from ITV’s Through The Keyhole and scenes from her own fly-on-the-wall reality show reveal the chaotic reality of life behind the scenes at the mansion.

Furniture lies rotting in a pile of scaffolding on the lawn, while whole rooms are almost entirely inaccessible amid piles of clutter and junk.

Algae and filth has left the ­swimming pool unusable, while one of the family’s pet dogs was left to deal with food waste on the kitchen floor.

At least there are fewer ­viewers these days to witness the depressing state of her home.

While at the height of her fame, Katie’s reality series played to 5.5million viewers on ITV2.

It now reaches a tiny fraction of that on obscure digital channel Quest Red.

Ironically, last week on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour the model ­complained about her privacy being invaded, despite years broadcasting every detail of her life.

Meanwhile bosses at ITV’s Loose Women have tired of her ­outrageous antics as a guest host and sidelined her from the show.

A string of autobiographies saw her become one of Britain’s most successful authors with total sales in excess of £26million, but her books, perfumes and accessory ranges now find themselves consigned to bargain bins and discount stores.

But even more troubling for Katie is her ongoing fight to keep her family together, after first husband Peter stepped in and demanded youngsters Junior and Princess move in with him instead.

Katie claimed she had agreed to the change while finalising her latest divorce, but those in the know say she was left with little choice after Peter threatened legal action.

Katie Price is continuing to wangle with ex-husband Peter Andre over their children Junior, 13, and Princess, 11

He has long been worried about Katie’s behaviour — even banning her from daughter Princess’s ­birthday party in June 2016.

But that humiliation did not change the star’s ways and while making an appearance at an energy firm’s Christmas party that year, she again disgraced herself.

Katie with her third husband Kieran Hayler

She allegedly got “blind drunk” and invited women guests to feel her breasts.

Katie was also accused of ­fondling the manager, before asking his wife: “Is he f***ing me or you tonight?”

Katie Price posted this loved up snap to Instagram with Kris Boyson

Unsurprisingly the bust-up with Peter appears to be far from over.

One pal said: “Behind the scenes it is extremely vicious. She expects to get the kids back but Peter isn’t backing down on this — he doesn’t want their children with Katie and her new bloke.

“He has seen too much of her partying and wild behaviour, and bringing yet another new man into their lives is the final straw.”

Peter’s fears over childcare arrangements appeared to be ­highlighted this month when she left her other children to jet off to Thailand with lover Kris.

She left disabled son Harvey, 16, with their next-door neighbour, and youngest kids Jett, four, and Bunny, three, with their dad Kieran.

Katie has also been embroiled with a legal battle against second husband Alex Reid.

They were back in court in May after he claimed Katie was poised to release images of a sexual nature featuring him.

But the petty squabbling and expenses, already well into six figures between them, sparked ire from judge Mr Justice Jay at the High Court, who warned the pair to resolve their feud.

Katie met Argentinian model Leandro Penna at Elton John's Oscars party and got engaged in 2012 despite the fact he barely speaks English

He added: “What I am urging the parties to do is frankly to sort this out, because the costs are frankly absurd in the context of what this is about.”

Katie’s latest divorce looks set to become equally messy.

And despite her new fling and flaunting her new man on the Thai beach, friends doubt she will ever settle down for good.

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One said: “She just has this obsessive mindset that all men are bad, and turns every relationship into all-out war. And she always plays the victim.”

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Culled from The Sun

My view: If you think Katie Price is in love, then you need to know her love life history, the woman is in love with herself and she's obsessed with her botched plastic face and boobs. It's sad that the only way this pathetic woman can revive her fading career and make money is to stage nauseating naked photoshoot. Katie also claimed that she took cocaine as her way of coping with the failure of her 5-year marriage to Kieran Hayler, that's absolutely rubbish, Katie took cocaine because she can afford to and wanted to, not because of anyone, she is selfish. The thing is nobody wants to buy her product, she's outdated.

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