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Satanic sacrifice: Siblings gouge out mother’s eyes & bathe in her blood to ‘invoke devil’

Three siblings in Peru have admitted murdering their 75-year-old mother in a horrific, gruesome Satanic ritual that involved gouging her eyes out and removing her intestines.

Peruvian woman Teodora Quispe Ccayllahua, was brutally killed by her children, Aurelia Quispe, 38, Percy Quispe, 41 and Marcelina Suane, 46, after the “master of darkness” allegedly ordered them to bathe in her blood.

The victim’s youngest child told police she was “chosen” to carry out the sacrificial killing and admitted to convincing her two siblings to murder their mother.

Aurelia also told police she was instructed to bathe in her mother’s blood, “invoking the devil.”

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Ccayllahua’s body was found inside her house in the mountainous village of Andabamba, in northern Peru on Saturday with some of her organs missing, including her intestines.

Police commissioner Julio Torreblanca told the Peru 21 TV channel that Aurelia also gouged out the woman’s eyes in the killing, before the group dumped her cut-out insides into a nearby pond. One of the victim’s eyes and internal organs was recovered from the water.

Police say some of the victim's organs were missing when her body was found

“The master of darkness ordered me, the king of demons is already with us, we are more and every day we will become bigger,” said the reported ringleader of the group upon her arrest.

All three were captured by the National Police and have reportedly confessed to their part in the murder.

In Peru a homicide conviction can carry a lifelong prison sentence, however the trio is expected to undergo a mental health evaluation, reports elPopular.

Scroll down and watch the full video

My view: If their mother knew they'd turned out to be beyond wicked and evil, she would have aborted the three scumbags. Why waste tax payers money to try these three satan, give them the same brutal and deadly punishment they inflicted on their defenceless mother. Their crime is pure greed, it's not about invoking any stupid demon or devil, they all want to get rich very quickly without working hard for it, so they used their old mother because they believed in their heads that she has lived her life, so they therefore decided to get rid of her in a stomach-turning killing for money. You don't need an interpreter to tell you that they killed her for money.

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